A 41-year old man completes his first 100-mile race recently in Daytona, Florida. He is viral on social media. You might think what’s the big deal. So many people run marathons, right?  

But what if we say that this man was an alcoholic and, five years ago, he was so overweight (around 446 lbs) that he couldn’t tie his shoelaces by bending over? Now you would certainly sit up and take notice!

The man is Shawn Eckert. He’s currently making waves on social media due to his astounding achievement. This man is a recovering addict. And it’s amazing how he fought his alcohol cravings! Besides alcohol, he was once addicted to “club drugs,” which means taking cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and Xanax. 

Eckert admits in an interview with a media person that there was a time in his life when “he couldn’t make it to mid-day without drinking.” It had become normal for him to wake up in the morning and drink, and then continue drinking the whole day. 

So, guys and gals, if he can recover from his addiction, so can you. 

It requires a teeny-weeny bit of willpower in the beginning. Later, you work upon this willpower to strengthen it till it becomes so strong, you love being sober. Alcohol treatment centers in Florida help you do just that. 

They deploy various means to do it – detox, counseling, therapy sessions, behavioral therapies, and so on. 

The ultimate aim is to retrieve your physical and mental strength so that you can endure and thrive without depending on alcohol or drugs. 

If you are ready to take the plunge, please call the addiction hotline

Preparing for a rehab

Preparing for rehab involves understanding the daily schedule and what to expect during your stay. It’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the structure and support systems in place. For a more detailed look at what rehab entails and how to best prepare, click here to investigate various programs and services that can aid in a successful recovery journey.

If you look from the outside, a day in rehab starts with routine and ends in routine. Sounds boring, eh? 

It is not. 

There’s a lot to do in between. Each day in rehab throws a challenge to you. You must prove you can make it. 

Going to rehab is a big decision. Stick to it; respect it. Before that, prepare yourselves for the rehab. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Know about the rehab center as much as you can before you start to live there. This will familiarize you and also ensure this is the right one for you. 
  • Have an open mind. Be ready to share your experiences and emotions in rehab. 
  • Prepare your mind for withdrawal symptoms that may be intense at first, such as cocaine withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Focus on your future. Don’t you want to have a fulfilling life socially, personally, and professionally? Think long-term. 
  • Pack comfort items in your rehab bag, including your favorite book and other personal favorites. 
  • Accept the rules of rehab. If you resist, you would find it hard to adjust and recover. If the rules seem overwhelming to you, take them as a challenge. 

The last one is indispensable. Patients who fail to accept the rules and routine of rehab often find it impossible to live in it. And this attitude makes their recovery harder. 

The famous German-Canadian self-help author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, has said, “When you live in complete acceptance to what is, this is the end to all drama in your life.”

For more information on Florida rehabs, visit https://www.daylightdetox.com.