Are you looking for an online store that sells various fancy clothes items? If so, you should continue reading this article until the end because it will provide ample information on the website.

Namatstores has been one the sites we’ve found online. It is currently licensed in the the United Statesand has plans to expand their business internationally. If you’re considering buying something from this site We suggest that you research the Namat Store’s legitimacy or not prior to making a final decision.

Validity checks are conducted for Namat

Buyers need to have some basic knowledge about the site prior to navigating towards their site to shop. This is why we have provided some crucial information regarding the site, which are like this:

  • The domain was approved on August 24, 2021. The domain is valid for 3 months and 5 days.
  • It has a low trust score of just 22 percentage.
  • This site contains pirated content of 33 percent.
  • The contact number is listed on the homepage on the site.
  • The email address is listed in the contact details.
  • There aren’t any Namat store reviews because the site is not yet mature enough.
  • There isn’t an Alexa rating for this website.
  • Name and contact number of the owner are included.
  • There isn’t a logo of social media that is visible on the site.

More Namat

Namatstores is an online marketplace that provides a variety of clothing items like Tee-shirts and Jersey. It claims to offer custom-designed clothing items based on customers’ demands. They claim that it has sold numerous T-shirts and Jersey to a variety of people, especially professionals, in the year 2015.

The website does not categorize its selection by gender and has instead arranged them alphabetically. However, if you think Namat Store’s merchandise intriguing, please confirm the legitimacy of the store. Namat Store a legitimate businessor or not?

Descriptions from Namat

  • Website URL-
  • Domain was approved on the 24th of August, 2021.
  • The domain expires on the 24th of August, 2022.
  • The email address mentioned is
  • Office address Two office addresses listed on the home page, and they are according to:
  • US Office Address 706 West Ben white Boulevard Ste A, Austin, TX 78704 United States
  • Vietnam Office Address: 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi 100000.
  • Payment methods -Mastercard Visa, American Express, Discover.
  • Contact number: Buyers can contact us at +1 601-879 6003.
  • Shipping costs – The website claims to cost $5.05 for shipping within the USA.
  • Social media link – The website isn’t linked directly to any online social network site to determine whether Namat Store is legitimateor an enigma.
  • The Delivery policy relates to processing Time 1- 7 business day (Mon-Fri).
  • Refund Policy: The service is offered within 10 days after the delivery date. If you purchase at the time of Christmas or New Year it will be available for 20 days. In certain cases the purchaser has to pay for shipping costs.
  • Policy on refunds – the standard for the policy on refunds is exactly the same as the return policy. In addition, the purchaser will receive 100% of the refund stated by the website.
  • Cancellation Policy – It’s not listed on the site.
  • Non-returnable goods The website has listed all information about it.
  • Priority shipping Priority shipping is not available on the website. offered any solution for it.
  • Namat Review of Stores There are no authentic reviews yet available
  • Tracking orders – This option is available on the homepage of the website.

Advantages of purchasing through

  • It’s HTTPS secured.
  • The website has an email address that is verified.
  • It offers a wide selection of custom-made clothing items.
  • It also boasts regarding DMCA.
  • It’s also made possible by the ability to track orders.

Negatives to buying through :

  • It does not include reviews from customers.
  • It doesn’t mention any social media sites on it.
  • The site is still too new to have a huge following.
  • The website does not categorize its items.

Namatstores Reviews Based on Are Namat Store legit or not.

There is a few details missing regarding the website, but overall, the site has been transparent regarding its policies for users. The information about the website owner isn’t available, however, there’s plenty of information available on the home page, making it seem quite plausible to be genuine.

The website does not have any customer reviews. There isn’t an Alexa rating,, in addition its trust rating is extremely low, which makes it difficult to draw any conclusions on the site.


As per our analysis to decide the legitimacy of Namat Store or a scam? this site isn’t well-known and, since it’s just being launched this website raises doubts about its legitimacy.