Children are most likely to believe in God compared to adults. But at a young age, they are easier to get influenced or get persuaded over time. As per a recent Gallup poll, more Americans are celebrating a secular Christmas than ever before. Many people think that Christmas for them is beyond an opportunity to play Santa with children. 

Before you dismiss Christmas as a childish celebration, you need to consider your kids’ beliefs – as you are going to celebrate the occasion with them. It’s because they probably believe in God even if you think otherwise. 

What researchers say

According to Bruce Hood, Bristol University’s professor of developmental psychology, the beliefs of kids in the UK have an intuitive and natural way of reasoning. This further leads them to different kinds of supernatural beliefs about the ways the world goes around and works.  

Even Olivera Petrovich, an Oxford University psychologist, has surveyed that children of 4 to 7 years of age are likely to believe in God as a creator. This is often hardwired in them and atheism is later acquired as they grow. 

It shows that kids are most likely to believe in God but are usually persuaded over time. Gen Z teenagers, for instance, are most likely to be skeptical compared to the earlier generations. So how to leverage the Christmas season, as well as theistic predispositions to kids to learn about Jesus? 

What to teach your kids about Christmas and Jesus

As parents, you need to take two additional steps. First, you have to teach them about the nature of God. For instance, it is tempting to believe what Bible says. But instead of defending the assertions, you need to take time to explain the philosophical or evidential support besides teaching about the Bible. Kids also want to know the reason behind our beliefs. If you want them to celebrate Christmas and Jesus, you have to help them see this festive occasion as the Christian worldview. Also, teach them to do small acts of kindness, just like community family charity small-business.

Next, you need to help youngsters to understand why it matters to them. After describing what is true and what all is well-supported by the evidence, you have to take your time to explain why to care about Christmas in the first place. How does it impact their lives? What’s its historic significance? How does the truth inspire, guide, or protect them? 

Keeping their faith alive

There are various great reasons to enjoy and celebrate Jesus at the time of Christmas. There is also evidence to support the reliability of the New testament account. And, why Jesus still matters. It’s important to tell kids about Jesus because he inspired more literature than no other person in history. There are numerous screenplays, books, and scripts written about Jesus. Moreover, online bible teaching by hisglory is new hope for spreading spiritual beliefs among kids.

He matters even today because he was one of the major catalysts for visual arts, sculptors, and inspiring painters in every genre, every generation, nation, and style. He is also part of various topics of various songs, symphonies, and hymns compared to any other figure in history. 

He still matters because of his teachings about standard moral reform and worldview that led to educational flourishing. Further, his followers established cathedral schools, monasteries, and universities that still educate people. 

Therefore, it’s important to tell your kids about his teachings and the history of Christmas. This will make your kids the believers and the followers of some practical teachings in the world. It is also important to keep their faith alive.