When looking for auto insurance, you want to make sure that you have a policy that covers your and your family’s needs, while not breaking the bank each month on premiums, like the type of car insurance you can get from FreewayInsurance.com The makes and models of your cars are definitely of interest to an insurer, as some vehicles are considered of greater risk on the road than others. This is where a car’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, can actually come into play.

VINs and Car Insurance Quotes

It’s easier than ever for car owners to explore their insurance coverage options, but can you find car insurance quotes with just the VIN? It might look like a VIN is nothing more than a set of 17 numbers and letters, but a vehicle identification number can easily be decoded by an insurance company to determine the year, make, and model of the car for which you want an insurance quote. This allows insurance providers to estimate car insurance rates just by the VIN.

One of the factors that affect car insurance rates is the type of car you drive. Certain types of vehicles are charged higher rates for several reasons, including the cost of repair. While a VIN can get you on track to the cheapest auto insurance rate available for your desired policy, VIN check car insurance rates may not be as accurate as rates based on more specific information. Providing the wrong information or failing to provide the right details can lead to an incorrect estimate, which ultimately leads to higher rates and more out of your wallet.

Additional Information

When exploring affordable car insurance, you’ll want to be as transparent as possible with auto insurance companies to afford yourself more accurate quotes. Your car’s VIN is really a starting point toward understanding the average cost each month for coverage based on varying insurers and coverage types. Offering up the ZIP code where you live narrows the span of the search, letting you know the best available rates in your state or city, as insurance companies take that into account when assessing the risk of your car being involved in an accident.

Driving history is also assessed by auto insurers, determining if you are a safety risk. A clean history can actually lead to cheaper car insurance, essentially a reward for little to no claims on your policy. How often you get behind the wheel can affect your quest for the best deal. After all, you may not be seeking the most comprehensive insurance plan if your time on the road is limited, as opposed to investing in a greater amount of coverage if you spend most of the day in the driver’s seat. VIN will come into play in these cases, as it allows insurers to know the safety features of your vehicle.

Car Insurance Discounts

While a clean driving record can help lead to the cheapest rate, you’ll want to look into discounts available through your auto insurance company or a prospective new insurer. Older and teenage drivers are considered a higher risk due to waning motor skills and lack of experience on the road, respectively. However, defensive driving courses can help older drivers to score savings beyond the VIN insurance check. Teen drivers can be rewarded for good grades in the classroom to adjust the higher premium brought on by an insurance carrier. A quote tool can give you greater insight into what a policy will cost, as well as the terms and conditions and exclusions of that insurance coverage. You can snag savings on everything from a paperless discount for electronic invoices to bundling other policies like insurance or homeowners insurance under a set insurer. Don’t hesitate to look beyond the VIN for how you can save.