What defines a successful logo design for a brand?

If you ask us, the attributes like ‘Simple, Relevant, Scalable, Memorable, and Original’ would make the brand logo UNIQUE!

A brand logo is the fingerprint of every brand story and, therefore, should connect customers to the brand emotionally.

Creating an outstanding logo design in Australia requires a team of creative and enthusiastic minds who focus on delivering a brand’s desired outcome.

Does your brand logo, too, need some love?

Below is a list of Australia’s 6 best logo design agencies that provide only the highest quality artwork.

6 Best Logo Design Agency in Australia in 2022


‘Creato’ – a graphics & logo Design Agency in Sydney, Australia, that is specialised in professional & modern logo designs.

The logo design process at Creato is divided into five parts:

1. Select a package, and their team will be in touch to discuss your project further.

2. The team will send you a design brief you need to complete.

3. They will work closely to create a unique brand logo that fits your business.

4. You can seek Logo Revisions or any change you want in the logo.

5. A complete final files package and outline will be sent to you showcasing your final logo.

Creato offers a unique startup package that includes web design, logo, social media content and everything else you would be needing to excel as a startup!

One of the advantages of choosing Creato is that brands have 100% copyright ownership of the logo. While client satisfaction is Creato’s utmost priority, all the designs are offered at a reasonable price with no hidden cost.

2. JAM & CO.

With over 20 years of experience, ‘Jam&Co’ is a team of committed professionals specializing in Logo Designing, Packaging, Brand Designing, and Print and Digital Communications.

The agency is committed to helping brands grow by creating solutions that tell clients, “Wow!”

With JAM, you choose not only an agency but also a contribution partner with a vested interest in your well-being and branding.

At Jam&Co, the team is capable of enhancing brands that have a strong connection with its customers. In short, they listen to the clients keenly so they can successfully deliver a project!

So, if you need help with brand development, a brand refresh, or rebranding, contact Jam&Co.


With many years of experience in branding, design, and communications, Brandcraft has taken corporate branding to a new level.

The agency believes in the power of branding and designing. This is the reason why Australia’s best businesses trust this brand.

The team at Brandcraft is all about brains and ideas which will personally work on your business.


For over 18 years, AFFINITY has been serving Australian and global brands.

Affinity logo design Australia provides a design which represents the brand’s vision and mission with a style! This logo design agency focus on client’s brand image and marketing before anything else.


Specialize in affordable logo design for small businesses and start-ups, mainly in Australia – ‘The Little Logo Lab’ is a logo, graphic design, and web design business. Now offering services to the US and Canada brands, the agency has highly skilled and multi-talented team members working tirelessly.

The Little Logo Lab aims to give your business brand identity.

All you have to do is follow an online briefing process so that the team can gain all the essential information. And rest leave it on them!

You won’t regret your decision as the final result will make you say ‘WOW instantly. 


Established in 2014 in Melbourne – the leading graphic design company ‘The Illustrators’ has expanded to Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. 

A wide range of creative services, which includes logo illustrations, social media content, web designing and brand kits are offered to consumers and businesses of all sizes. 

The team at The Illustrators aims to provide a smooth and seamless design experience to the brands and help them tell their stories through compelling designs/illustrations. 


In a nutshell, if your business  doesn’t have an emotional connection, then have a Logo and not a Brand. But you can always rely on renowned logo design agencies in Sydney for professional help!