Sandwich restaurants are an excellent opportunity to share your passion for food with your community. Beginning a premium sandwich shop franchise from scratch may be difficult. Be well prepared before entering the restaurant business, especially starting from scratch. A properly organized and equipped sandwich business can be pretty profitable. Also, you can prefer commercial refrigeration before opening the sandwich shop that keeps your items fresh.

There are three main areas of sandwich shop equipment: food preparation, cooking, and holding. As with any foodservice business, you’ll also require dry and refrigerated storage, cleaning equipment and supplies, and ware washing. However, the equipment you select in any of these categories is determined mainly by your concept and menu.

Sandwich Making Equipment

Sandwiches require prep time, space, and ready-to-use components and ingredients. Consider:

Prep sink and table

Provide adequate space for two individuals to simultaneously prepare different dishes, such as slicing meat and cheese, tomatoes and fruit, or egg salad in large quantities.

Commercial refrigerators

Some of the common refrigerators you can get include;

1. Display Refrigerators

These are intended to highlight and display the food and beverages included within. Display refrigerators are excellent pieces of equipment for restaurants that offer self-service or takeaway.

2. Under-counter Refrigerators

These are used to store small ingredients for preparing foods. This type of refrigerator unit saves a lot of space and acts as a compact merchandiser. 

3. Walk-in Refrigerators & Freezers

These offer ample room for storing bulky objects. It is the best solution for restaurants with high foot traffic. This type of storage space enables the installation of commercial shelves, which boosts the efficiency of stable refrigeration.

Vegetable cutter

You can use a food processor to slice, shred or grate cheese, and make sauces and spreads like mayonnaise. You may also need a special vegetable cutter if you plan to operate a sub shop with many veggie products.

Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is used to measure the weight of ingredients and other foods, like meat that has been cut. It helps avoid overcooking and waste, which aids control food costs and profits.

Sandwich press

This is used to press, squash, or compress two bread slices together. Although such work can be done by hand, having this type of equipment in your kitchen saves time. It is a convenient countertop tool that can toast both sides of a sandwich while warming the insides. Some types can even fry hamburgers, chicken fillets, or steaks.


A fryer is an additional piece of equipment that allows you to add new menu items like French fries and house-made chips. This fryer also helps make new portable delicacies like the famous fried chicken sandwich. It’s also a great way to prepare meats like steak or chicken because they are juicy and tasty.


A sandwich grill is a piece of essential cooking equipment. It may be utilized to produce grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, pancakes, bacon, and more. It can also be used as a conventional grill to prepare different items, e.g., chicken breasts and other meats and vegetables.

Equipment for holding or serving

These pieces of equipment help you put your best foot forward by keeping food fresh, at the right temperature, looking good, and adding drinks and sides to your menu.

  • Warm storage cabinet keeping bread warm and wet with a cabinet that controls humidity.
  • Refrigerated deli merchandising case for salads, side vegetables, and ready-made sandwiches
  • Glass-door reaches-in or under-counter refrigerator for canned/bottled beverages, snacks, Yogurt, and more.
  • Wraps, bags, plates, glasses, and napkins are examples of paper goods.
  • Supplies for safety and sanitation, such as disposable gloves and cleaning and sanitizing chemicals. Let us check as well are all nitrile gloves food safe?
  • Utility carts facilitate and expedite the delivery of food, equipment, and other objects from one place to another. They are made of stainless steel and have wheels designed for big loads.

Other equipment includes a Warmer/merchant for food on the counter: an electric soup pot, the ice maker, and an ice cube tray or dispenser.

In conclusion, there are numerous factors to consider while contemplating a premium sandwich store. When operating a business on your own, it is necessary to monitor the costs related to your inventory. This will be the distinctive feature that elevates your firm above franchises.

A pre-existing premium sandwich shop franchise, on the other hand, provides an alternative entry point to the market that you can take advantage of if you are inexperienced in business or do not have relevant work experience.