AFK Arena may be the famous action card game with interesting game play involving players creating their team and gain levels by finishing the AFK awards in the automated farming system. The sport has huge fan supporters, many players come from the U . s . States.

Because the summer time several weeks have showed up within the Kingdom of Esperia, players are rewarded with lots of exciting gifts within the summer time event. There are lots of rewards and introductions achievable upon effective clearance of levels. Besides, you will find Afk Arena Summer time Gifts which further raise the game play.

What’s Afk Arena?

Afk Arena may be the new RPG action card game with unique game play and designs. Players produce a team and apply ways of attack the dominion of Esperia. The sport has more than a hundred heroes in various factions, and players desire to make their formations and fight their way.

Hypograns, Celestials, and Dimensionals would be the rare figures hanging around. Players have to gain levels their heroes and apply new ways of complete the AFK awards from the farming system. Aside from the interesting game play, there’s also summer time gifts that players within the U . s . States have began collecting.

About Afk Arena Summer time Gifts

Because the summer time month starts within the Kingdom of Esperia, the developer begins a celebration known as the Summer time Gift Event. The big event offers unique gifts and rewards towards the loyal players from the platform. For instance, players can claim the “Take Your Pick” chest throughout the summer time event to duplicate the hypogean and celestial heroes aside from Titus.

Summer time Event may be the bountiful event for that players with lots of bursting awards and login rewards. Additionally, players can draw their prizes once they sign in every single day and obtain free hero in the finish from the Afk Arena Summer time Gifts event.

What’s the Deadline for that Sumer Event?

The summer time gift event starts on fourth of August 2021 and can last till 30th August 2021. So, players would get enough time to collect their rewards and connect to the rarest heroes hanging around.

Players who sign in between fourth August and 30th August 2021 can claim the game’s rewards and hero choice chest.

So How Exactly Does the Summer time Gift Event Works?

Based on the official guide of Afk Arena, the big event gives an opportunity to collect the “Take Your Pick” chest to obtain an chance to attract rewards with daily login and obtain free hero in the finish from the Afk Arena Summer time Gifts event.

Players coming back towards the game have to offer an invitation code caused by an energetic player. Upon effective login, both players would get 15 additional chances to attract the rewards. Players get rewards which are attracted at random in the reward pool daily. After players complete drawing 16 rewards, they are able to discover them all, unlocking the reward chest.

Exactly What Do People Are saying?

Recommendations many comments and reviews of players online. There’s additionally a video overview of the big event when multiple comments. Individuals are pleased with the big event experiencing the rewards available throughout the summer time gift event.


Because the Afk Arena Summer time Gifts event began, players began collecting the rewards to attract their opportunity to get free heroes hanging around. Afk Arena may be the famous virtual game with unique game play and regular rewards for that players.

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