Gamers around the world Worldwidelike to receive free OP codes for various different games that are cross-platform. There are numerous active websites on the internet that offer information about codes that are released by the official gaming companies. Did you know that an unofficial website is aimed to steal your information?

A10rog is a website from a third party that offers not just OPC Codes however also crack versions of the games. Such cracked games risk your privacy. Therefore, you should read the full analysis of Roblox A10rog Roblox here.

What is A10rog?

A10rog is an online site that seeks to offer codes that allow users to obtain free and unlimited diamonds, gems, coins as well as codes to unlock various stands, etc. It’s a single page website that provides information about a range of games that are cross-platform and gives players crack versions and free MODs of games.

What does it do?

A10rog will suggest that you study the details about a specific Roblox game. After clicking the link, more information about the game is shown and offers specific free items that are related to the game. A10rog Roblox users A10rog Roblox HTML1clicks the link to download no cost codes, cracked MODs coins, gems and diamonds.

The user is directed to a different site where you must confirm the authenticity of your Roblox ID. Users can make use of only one Roblox ID within 24 hours to prevent any suspicious activity on their Roblox account.


  • Number (354)421-2434 (354)421-2434
  • Address – Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, IS, Postal code – 101
  • Email Address Not provided.not given
  • Contact person Contact personnot specified
  • Web Type Roblox generator Offers information on games and the OP codes
  • Address of Website –

A10rog Roblox Pros:

  • The site serves as a wiki to showcase the most popular games for iOS, Android, Windows, Roblox, and various platforms.
  • It acts as a single guide to Op Codes, which are free and unlimited diamonds, coins and gems for a variety of games that cross platforms.


  • A gaming company is not able to endorse the site. Thus, the information that is provided on A10rog isn’t AUTHENTIC.
  • The website does not provide any information about the way in which information from users will be utilized (or) exchanged.

The legality:

  • Site Age 31st May 2021 17:15:43; 5 Months and 8 days old
  • website expiry date is A10rog Roblox Roblox31st May 2022, 17:15:43. 6 months and 22 calendar days to end; SHORT LIFE
  • Website TRUST Score – 1% (TERRIBLE)
  • Links to social Media for Social Media – Not included.
  • Website Popularity –7347743 (Poor)
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 29/100
  • Threat Profile – 47/100
  • Phishing Score – 40/100
  • Malware Score– 41/100
  • Spam Score – 47/100
  • Owner Contact Information not provided. not available


There are a few average opinions on Facebook, Twitter as well as the internet regarding A10rog. But, many customers have also identified A10rog is a scam.


Because of a one-percent trust score and a very high threat level, A10rog Roblox isn’t a legitimate website. It is risky to enter your account details when you enter your Roblox username on A10rog. MODs that have been cracked contain malware, similar to Trojans.

Highly recommended that you keep up-to-date with official announcements regarding Roblox games, authentic codes for free coins, gems and diamonds, via Roblox’s website. Roblox web site.