Involuntary shaking of body parts mainly hands and legs is part of Parkinsonism ailment that annoys most patients. These movements occur due to neurological disorders and thus can be treated successfully only by skilled neurologists. 

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More in lines about Parkinson’s tremors: 

  • According to neurologists, Parkinson’s tremors are different from other tremors that occur due to other types of movement disorders. 
  • These tremors start when the person’s body is at rest. However, the tremor stops when the part of the body is in action. 
  • The movements or shakes are rhythmic, continuous and slow. The person won’t experience jerks or even spasms. 
  • It can be asymmetric. Usually, it starts in one part of the body however slowly you can see it spreading to the others part of the body. 
  • Mostly the tremors are experienced in the fingers. It is termed as a pill- rolling motion as the movements are similar to moving a tablet in between the thumb and the index finger. 
  • Parkinson tremors on the foot occur when the foot is at rest like while the person is lying down or while sitting. Gradually as the days go by, the whole leg shakes as the muscles of the thighs move too. It is quite rare that foot tremors occur when the person is standing. 
  • The tremors occur in the jaw as well which look like the person is shivering as even their teeth clatter. People wearing dentures find it a great problem as the tremors dislodge them. Often, they are suggested to chew gums to reduce the tremors. 
  • The tremors can shake the tongue in the rarest cases when the Parkinson’s health problem is quite severe. It eventually leads to shaking of the whole head. 

The tremors eventually subside as the person gets treated successfully for Parkinson however the symptom varies for each person. Some people experience such tremors for a while and some are unlucky as this shakiness of arms and legs continues for many years. Usually, doctors prescribe varied medicines for the treatment of tremors. They even opt for DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgical process if the tremors are more often occurring and continuous shakes for many hours. 

A person’s lifestyle and behavior patterns do help in controlling Parkinson’s tremors. They need to keep themselves calm, have regular medical checkups, try to have quality sleep for at least eight hours and do exercises. They can practice doing yoga and medications that help to relax their mind and body. It is helpful to stay away from caffeine and chocolates. Any drug needs to be taken as per the instructions of doctors. The South Valley Neurology specialists provide the best support to get treated for various neurology health problems successfully.