When was the last time you enjoyed a nice dinner at home and your lights started to flicker? How about a time when you turned on your hair dryer, and the power went out?

Before you assume you’re living in your favorite scary movie, you might consider that it’s time to hire an electrician.

Hire an Electrician to Resolve your Electrical Issues

Electrical issues, small or substantial, should never be ignored. Hire a licensed electrician in adelaide to identify and resolve issues before the problem escalates into a dangerous situation.

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The National Fire Protection Association reports a yearly average of 46,000 house fires due to electrical failure or malfunction. Electrical issues need identifying quickly. Read on to learn nine signs that it’s time to call an electrician to protect you and your home.

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1. High Electric Bills

If you hold your breath each time your electric bill comes in, dreading the total, it might be time to speak with an electrician.

For electric bills that are abnormally high, hire a pro to investigate or provide an energy report of your home. An electrical issue could be the cause of your high bills. 

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2. Flickering Lights

There are many factors that can cause flickering lights and don’t have to mean something is wrong.

However, if you find your lights flickering often and consistently, hire an electrician. A professional may locate an issue with the circuit or your home’s insulation.

3. Frequent Tripping of Breakers

Among the list of electrical repairs, frequent tripping of the breakers in your home is not an issue to ignore.

There may be a short in the wiring or an overload in your circuit breaker. It may be time to upgrade your circuit panel or address any repairs needed to the wiring itself.

4. Short Life-Span of Appliances

A home’s electrical system doesn’t stay in pristine condition forever. As it starts to break down, your appliances can take a hit.

If you notice that your home’s appliances have a short-life span, it’s time to bring in a professional to look into the issue.

5. Breaker Box is Old or Mislabeled

Along the same lines as the previous sign, your electrical panel is the core of your home. As it ages, you may see signs of wear, including rust.

It’s critical to seek the electrical solutions of a professional to complete the needed repairs. If you move into a home and find the panel mislabeled, bring in an electrician to help you sort it out.

6. Outlets are Warm or Hot to the Touch

Higher temperatures in your outlets are something to address quickly.

You might need to address an overloaded circuit or failing wiring to that outlet.

7. Light Switches Aren’t Working

If you have light switches that no longer work or only work occasionally, that’s something you will want to find help to address.

Electrical problems need investigating and correcting by a licensed electrician to ensure the switches turn on the correct utility.

8. You’ve Experienced Electrical Shocks

Shocks of any size need resolving. Shocks are a sign that the electricity is escaping from the circuit.

Call in for electrical services before this escalates to a fire.

9. You Notice Sparking or Smell a Burnt Odor

Do you notice sparks from your outlet or smell a burnt odor and cannot identify its location?

Don’t hesitate to turn off the power and call an electrician, especially if you begin to notice a discoloration of your outlets.