Slowly but surely the vest is becoming a fashion item that people rave about. Celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers seem to always be donning trendy vests nowadays. This will grow even more now as we have already entered the fall season.

You can also make a knit vest as your go-to outfit in case you are bored with the classic sweater or cardigan that you have to wear almost every day now. Wearing vest knitwear is the perfect piece to improve your outfit.

Vest with a white shirt

This is probably the style that you often see most people wear. To recreate this look is also very easy! A white shirt is a neutral clothing piece that will always look good to be mixed and matched with other pieces. And obviously, it looks wonderful with a knit vest. To make your outfit have the fall vibe, you should opt to wear a tan or beige color vest. For the pants choice, you can wear jeans or a trouser in the same color as your vest to complete the look.

The white shirt that initially looked plain and boring will look better with the additional knitted vest for the outerwear!

Vest with a dress

You may feel hesitant to combine these two. It can be too stacked up and thus making you look heavier than you do. Well, this assumption is not right!

The key is to make sure that you wear a knee-length dress which can help to give the illusion of a longer leg and slimmer body. Wearing a dress with a vest can make you look feminine, chick, and at the same time formal enough for a special occasion.

If you don’t have a proper dress to be combined with your vest, you can instead wear a top and a knee-length skirt as a substitute.

Color-blocked vest

You don’t have to only opt for a plain or neutral color when trying to mix and match your vest with other fashion items. If you like a bolder look, you can wear a patterned design for the vest and your skirt. But for the clothes that you will wear underneath the vest, you should still opt to wear a plain one.

Vest with an oversize T-shirt

Look fashionable while hanging out with your friends by mix-and-match your knitted vests with an oversized t-shirt, and wide-leg jeans. Complete your look with white sneakers and a crossbody bag.

During summertime, you can also opt to not wear jeans and let your oversize t-shirts act as a dress. This will make your whole outfit look like street-style fashion!

Layering the vest

When the temperature is really cold, you might want to give extra protection to your body by layering your outfit. You can wear a white shirt, stacked with a loose vest, and add a patterned blazer as the outerwear. For the pants, you can opt to wear loose-fit jeans. Layering your clothes can make your outfit look unique but effortlessly cool at the same time.

The vest as a tops

You can also wear your knit vest directly as a top without mixing or matching it with other clothing pieces. Make sure that you choose a vest that has a unique motif or bold color instead of a plain one. Tuck the front of your vest inside your pants to add more structure to your clothing. This is the ultimate way for you who wants to achieve a preppy style look.

Vest for a school girl style

Wear a turtleneck with a plaid skirt before adding a knitwear vest for your outer. Complete your look with a sneaker and beret hats. And voila, you have achieved the nerdy look with a twist!

Vest for vintage look

You can create a vintage look with a vest by combining a floral dress with a brown vest. For the shoes, you can opt for a heeled sandal and a saddle bag. This outfit is very Perfect for a feminine look.

The vest is indeed the kind of clothing piece that will be suitable to be combined with other outfits. You can wear it for any occasion, casual or formal – you just need to mix and match it the right way! Find and shop different models of the vest at an affordable price here.