Today’s Covid-19 situation mask has converted our daily existence fashion accessories. Even several branded information mill designing masks using the most advanced technology which has a lengthy shelf-existence. Combined with the initiation of the worldwide leading brand, LG has lately launched their next-gen mask in India and worldwide.

Look into the Puricare Lg Mask Cost, its latest feature, benefits and drawbacks, reviews and much more aspects out of this informative content.

What’s Puricare Lg Mask?

LG Puricare is really a hi-tech mask made to give users 99.99% defense against dangerous bacteria. The mask is crafted in ways so users can breathe easily, having to break a sweat. It features a ‘respiratory sensor’ to identify the amount and cycle of wearers’ breathes, as the duel fans control the ‘dual 3-speed’ fans accordingly.

The ergonomic design fits the face correctly to reduce the leakage of air. We observed individuals are showing curiosity about the product and looking Puricare Lg Mask Cost however learn about it more. Based on the brand promotion, the mask’s manufacturing is performed with simply medical grade materials to supply each wearer protection inside & out.

It offers a disposable Hepa filtration system for giving high defense against any dangerous virus and bacteria. Based on the designer, the consumer must switch the Hepa filtration system after 30 days useful. Furthermore, unlike surgical masks or normal fabric masks, her latest chargeable feature. The masks can 100% charge within 2 hrs and may perform straight 8 hrs.


•           Brand Name: LG.

•           Color Options: White-colored.

•           Puricare Lg Mask Cost: HK$1,180.00 (151.99 USD, 11269.54 Rs.)

•           Product Type: Air Cleaner Mask.

•           Recharging time: 2 hrs roughly.

•           Fan Type: Inverter fan.

•           Sensor: It features a respiratory system sensor.

•           Filter: It offers Hepa filtration system, that is H13 grade.

•           Product Dimension: 156 (W) x 110 (H) x 63 (D).

•           Weight from the Product: 126g (internet weight).

•           Running Time: Minimum 4hrs- Maximum 8hrs.

•           Fan Speed Customizable: It’s high or medium or low.


•           The product has 2 side Hepa filtration system.

•           It has 2 customizable fans for simple breathing.

•           It received several reviews.

•           The brand website is popular worldwide, including in India.

•           While searching the Puricare Lg Mask Cost, we’ve got the mask features a unique respiratory system sensor to identify users breathing cycle.

•           It is really a multiple-use mask having a recharging facility.

•           The package incorporates an additional filter, face guard, USB cable, inner cover, instructions.


•           The launching date is unavailable.

•           Reviews state that the cost is high.

May be the Puricare Lg Mask legit?

Even though the method is supported by a reputed brand however, it is required to check its authenticity-

•           The product arrival date is unknown.

•           Every specs can be obtained with complete details.

•           The seller site has complete contact information with address, email ID and telephone number.

•           It includes a valid account around the community platform.

•           The product has received traffic and reviews.

•           While choosing the Puricare Lg Mask Cost, we discovered that the whole description is 100 % unique.

•           The brand is 26 years old, made on 08-06-1995.

•           The trust score of the trademark is near-perfect- 99%.

Therefore, we are able to trust both brand LG and it is latest Puricare Mask.

Exactly what do consumers consider the product?

The merchandise launching date is unknown, however it received numerous reviews in this particular small amount of time of launching. On its brand page, the mask has 4.5 ratings using the remarks such as the running time is nice, it’s money worthy product.

However, it’s acquired a number of other online stores like Amazon . com, where individuals have pointed out the mask is simply too heavy, the look needs improvement, the Puricare Lg Mask Cost is high. The social networking profile of LG has countless supporters and likes with mixed-reviews that are positive concerning the brand.

On Trustpilot, individuals have given their opinion.

Final Verdict:

The merchandise has all of the authentic information to earn 100% of customers’ satisfaction. Else, the manufacturing company is just about the leading brand with excellent trust score and reviews.

The merchandise can be obtained on various retail portals however, it acquired mixed reviews, so individuals need to see all of the remarks then purchase.