The flight is booked and the countdown to your holiday is on. The next step is to pack your bags. When it comes to packing there are two types of people. The first leaves it until the last minute and throws everything and anything into the case in a frenzied rush. The second meticulously plans for weeks in advance. Here are seven ways to pack like a pro and leave behind the stress. 

1. Choose a quality suitcase

The first thing you need is of course a suitcase. Choose one that is great quality and will stand the test of time such as a case by Lancel. A hard case is more durable. It should have two sections; one zipped and one open. It should be expandable to suit your needs for different types of travel. A case with 4 wheels is far easily to wheel alongside you through the airport. Finally, choose a brightly coloured case that is easily recognisable on the luggage carousel in the sea of black. 

2. Carry-on bag 

If you are travelling with only carry-on luggage then your second bag should be sizable. A backpack is ideal and easily to carry through the airport. Alternatively, you could use a straw bag, especially if you are going on a beach vacation as this will relieve some of the space from your suitcase. 

Keep your travel essential in your second bag so they are more easily accessible rather than digging into the overhead locker everything you need something during the flight. 

3. Packing cubes

Using packing cubes to organise your clothing is life-saving. Especially when moving from hotel to hotel and packing and unpacking. It is important to know where items are instead or rummaging through everything. 

Pack by category, for example, top and sweaters can go in one, pants in another, pyjamas and underwear in a third. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more clothing you will be able to fit into your case when you use packing cubes.

4. Plan a capsule wardrobe

Planning is key when it comes packing the right amount of suitable and appropriate clothing. Think about what you will do on holidays. The planned activities, weather and culture will inform your choices. 

By planning a capsule wardrobe with a colour story, it means that everything will work seamlessly together. It is also the trick to pack lightly. You can add fun with accessories a scarf, beaded necklaces, or some colourful dresses.

Bring minimal footwear as they take up the most space and are the heaviest items. If you are planning a European trip bear in mind the streets of many old cities are cobbled streets or are hilly therefore heels are not practical. 

5. Toiletries and beauty products

Divide toiletries and make up into two separate bags. Before your vacation gather sample sizes, mini products and multipurpose products to help reduce the size and weight of your toiletries and make up bags. 

6. Jewellery 

Select a small pouch to keep your jewellery safe while travelling. But it is best to be vigilant and avoid wearing and taking your expensive or sentimental pieces of jewellery with you when travelling. Select simple and understated pieces that will work well with all outfits are best.

7. Keep tech separate

Keep headphones, cables, chargers and travel adaptors together in a small pouch. Pouches are so useful when it comes to being able to easily find small objects in your luggage.


By keeping these tips in mind when you are packing you will be able to carry more and pack better from you upcoming trip.