So, finally, you have decided to try CBD after hearing a lot about its miraculous effects from your friends, passengers on the subway, or Reddit communities. It’s a great idea because CBD has emerged as an all-natural, therapeutic compound that cures various health issues. It is derived from the hemp plant, which has around 110 other compounds. But no other compound has gained the status of the legalized compound from all states and the federal capital. So, there is something really amazing in this compound.

CBD indirectly reacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, responsible for moods, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, etc. CBD doesn’t react directly with these receptors, but it indirectly helps them work better to maintain all associated body functions. So, as a first-time user, you might wonder what to expect from consuming CBD: how will it taste, when will it start showing results, would there be any side effects, etc.? We have answered all your questions.

Here is what to expect while being first time CBD user:

  1. CBD Doesn’t Cause High

When taking CBD products, don’t expect them to get you high. Unlike high-causing compounds in marijuana, THC, CBD doesn’t react with high-causing brain receptors. It only reacts with those parts of the brain that help regulate body functions, mood, and mental state. So, if you expect to get high due to CBD consumption, it is not going to happen.

CBD doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect or a state of paranoia that is evident after THC consumption. Instead, CBD combines with the body to promote well-being and better health, leading to a regulated body.

  1. There is No Overnight Magic

If you consider CBD a magical ingredient that will transform your health and erase all issues overnight, this will not happen. You might have to start with small doses and increase them gradually to find the right dose for you. For example, if you try Kosher CBD products, you can’t start taking doses randomly. Either take the doctor’s recommendations or start with light doses to stay safe. Magic will take some time, but it will surely happen after some time.

  1. CBD Creates Calmness

You might wonder what CBD feels like if it doesn’t cause high feelings or show psychoactive effects. Its users claim it causes relaxation, calmness, and other positive outcomes. Moreover, it also helps adapt to changes and deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Its role in muscle relaxation relieves pain and helps live a calm life. And when you are calm and peaceful, you definitely get a very good sleep. So, your sleeping disorder is also sorted.

  1. Potential Side-Effects

Introducing something new to the body means you might have to face side effects in the initial days as the body starts adapting or responding to the new stimuli. So, you might also feel some side effects in the initial days of CBD consumption, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, and fatigue. This state remains for around 2-3 weeks. Once your body gets accustomed to CBD stimuli, you start feeling the positive changes in your body – all you expect from CBD consumption.

  1. Not a Solution for Everything

After hearing the positive effects of CBD, if you also feel it will treat each and every problem in your body, then it is not true. CBD has great therapeutic properties and works great to manage overall health and homeostasis, but don’t expect it to act as a magical solution (magical wand, for that matter!). However, it definitely works great to manage some health issues and regulate hormones to prevent the emergence of many health issues.


CBD works differently on different people initially because everyone’s body responds differently. So, your body might take some time to show positive reactions to CBD oil. But as a beginner, you should first know all important aspects of the CBD so that you don’t have overhyped expectations and a realistic approach. You might have to wait some time for CBD to show its impact, but slowly, it will definitely start showing results if you have bought the right and good product.