Are you thinking of starting a new enterprise? If so, you can also try the distribution business in the retail and manufacturing industry. 

Young entrepreneurs have an excellent opportunity to earn huge profits in the distribution business. The distribution business is the best option for new companies as it does not involve many risks. This business does not need a lot of investment in capital and infrastructure. Once they are established then they can start a wholesale marketplace of their dreams.

This business also helps you to understand the industry better. The market’s manufacturing strategies, profit margins, and demand and supply are understood during the distribution process. You can practice the distribution business in the retail and wholesale markets. This business also won’t require a unique skill set. All you need to do is build a strong network of suppliers and buyers.

This article will guide you through a few distribution businesses you need to try now.

  • Auto Parts 

The automobile industry is on a boom. The industry has a broad scope for the distribution business. Repairing and modifying are two industries that considerably rely on distribution systems. Nowadays, people prefer customized and classic auto parts over those the company provides. The car accessories like lighting, seat covers, GPS and radio systems, and other luxury items are most sought after. The industry demands a rapid network for spare and custom parts. You should get into this business if you are interested in auto gears.

  • Bakery And Allied Products 

One of the trending businesses is the bakery business. Not just well-established bakery shops but small bakery businesses are increasing. This industry is one of the necessities and would always have a demand. The bakery products, as well as the allied products, have a good profit margin when it comes to the distribution process. You can try distributing final bakery products or intermediary products—for instance, muffins, donuts, bread, flour, whipping cream, sprinklers, etc.

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  • Hardware And Tools

The hardware industry is another good option for you to start your business. Every household needs these parts for repairing and fixing purposes. This distribution can be done both in the wholesale and retail markets. People nowadays have shifted to the DIY mode and keep all the hardware items and tools in their homes. You can try the distribution of hammers, pliers, screwdriver sets, and all other hardware items like plywood, tiles, furniture part, etc.

  • Plumbing Materials

The DIY fad has taken troll over people. People prefer doing the plumbing maintenance by themselves rather than calling a professional. This one distribution business you can try at a low investment. You must build good networks to distribute plumbing materials like taps and bathroom accessories, pipes, plumbing tools, sinks, etc. 

You can also focus just on the piping systems. This system also needs a lot of minute parts like PVC pipe manufacturing material, different types of strainer in piping systems, pipefitters, etc.

  • Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment and devices ate needed for research and analysis. If you have a strong network of laboratories and suppliers of these materials, you can try out their distribution business. The labs are in constant need of new and improved devices and apparatus. The OEM lab use plastic pipette tips, test tubes, funnel watch glass, vessels, weighing scales, and the list continues. Not just R&D companies but government bodies and education institutions can be your buyers.

  • Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Health awareness has increased considerably among youths and young adults these days. People prefer naturally grown vegetables and fruits even though they are priced slightly high. As a result, the organic farming sector has boomed. This distribution business is one to try. Your buyers can be the local grocery vendors or direct consumers. You don’t need a mediator to conduct this distribution process. You can sell the farm produce directly to retail consumers.

  • Sneakers

The sneaker market is enormous. The Millenials are crazy about sneakers. Its demand is on the continuous verge of rising. You must try this business. The youths require different types, colors, and brands, but the manufacturers fail to provide them to each. You can earn large sums in the business with a strong and quick network and system.

Other than these, tailoring goods, pharmaceutical products, smartphones, etc., are some items whose distribution business has a considerable scope. These industries are evergreen, and the demand is also high.


While starting any business, the development happens gradually. All the distribution businesses also guarantee gradual and steady growth. However, while choosing the right business for you, you should keep some other things in mind. You should have a strong network of buyers and manufacturers, the transportation system should be efficient and quick, and you should know your business’s target audience and area. 

Success is yours if you are well versed in the market demands, prices, and competitions and can use them and tackle them correctly. This article lists a few distribution businesses that you need to try now. These are some of the ongoing successful distribution businesses.