CDC notes that the study of the benefits of medical marijuana is ongoing, and scientists seek to establish its consequences on the human body. FDA has legalized the use of medicinal marijuana for disorders like epilepsy, chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and more. Even though some states allow the consumption of medical marijuana, it doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. 

Misusing cannabinoids can be harmful, leading to issues like addiction and high dependence. Also, if pregnant and breastfeeding mothers use them, the babies can also suffer negative effects. The way in which marijuana is consumed predisposes the users to various possible effects, as smoking marijuana can be harmful to the lungs. Given this, there are various ways to consume medical marijuana to minimize health effects.

If you reside in Maryland, the only way you will have access to medical marijuana products will be if you present a valid medical marijuana card. Only registered patients or caregivers can purchase from a licensed dispensary in the state. If you are suffering from a medical condition that could benefit from medical marijuana, make sure to book a consultation with a doctor and get your medical marijuana card in Maryland

1. Vaporized Marijuana

According to WebMD, smoking marijuana has harmful side effects on the lungs. Marijuana has chemicals that, when smoked, come into contact with the bronchi and can cause bronchitis. Vaporizing marijuana reduces the number of toxins you consume and the ones that reach your lungs. 

2. Edibles

According to Forbes, medical marijuana is a great tool for therapy. Consuming medical marijuana in the form of edibles is appealing to many. These edibles include candies and other baked products. Your body first metabolizes these edibles before you get the benefits of medical marijuana.

You should be careful with the types of edibles you choose and avoid the foods you are allergic to. Also, ensure you study your metabolic system and how long the medical marijuana takes to be effective in your system. If you take long to perceive the changes, take your time before taking a second dose to avoid overdosing and addiction. 

Investopedia notes that consumers who prefer the edible form go for gummies. Gummy manufacturing companies rely on cannabis oil as the raw materials.

3. Capsules, Tablets, and Pills

Capsules are among the newest forms of medical marijuana. These capsules have oils with varying capabilities. You can swallow them just like the other drug capsules. You can also cut these capsules and apply the oils topically. 

Amazingly, these alternatives help you maintain the dosages that you require. Your doctor can offer guidance and keep track of the amount to consume, depending on your condition. 

4. Cannabis Topicals

Medical marijuana exists in topical preparations like ointments, gels, lotions, balms, and creams. You can apply these on your skin to ease inflammation and treat specific pains and muscle aches. The topical form reduces symptoms of conditions such as eczema and arthritis without psychotropic side effects. 

Topical products are easy to apply and have no adverse effects. Additionally, these products have lower bioavailability than the ingestible and inhaled ones. 

5. Powder

The medical marijuana powder preparations can be dissolved in water. You can take it as a drink when the need arises. This consumption mode is easy and has a more rapid onset of action than edibles.

6. Transdermal Patches

These patches enhance medical marijuana to penetrate through the skin to your bloodstream. They are convenient if you need to use medical cannabinoids for an extended period for continuous release to the bloodstream. You only need to attach these patches to your skin and wait for medical marijuana effects. You can remove these patches if you experience adverse side effects. 

7. Tinctures

Cannabis tincture preparations are concentrated extracts from leaves and flowers in solvents. Tinctures allow you to stick to a specific dosage depending on the number of drops your doctor deems fit. You take the tinctures in the form of drops, and this helps you account for every drop you use.

As you consume medical marijuana, ensure you get a medical marijuana card to enjoy the benefits that come with it. You can obtain a card that is in line with your state requirements. For instance, if you are in Maryland, you can get your medical marijuana card in Maryland. The card helps minimize the chances of missing your medication, among other benefits like unrestricted traveling. 


For a long time, society has considered smoking the main mode of marijuana consumption. Whereas it is convenient, smoking has its downsides, including lung damage. Fortunately, there are other ways to consume medical marijuana, including capsules, tablets, pills, powder, tinctures, and edibles. You can also use vaporized, transdermal patches and topical cannabis preparations.