The work grind truly never does stop, as many busy professionals can attest to. Spending long days at a computer, heading to meetings, or making presentations can all fill the day of any hard-working employee.

Getting from task to task without error is a challenge when it feels like there is just so much to do. Any professional knows that you have to be prepared for the challenges that could come during the workday.

Traveling is often a part of the workday, whether it be a long commute, meeting clients outside of the office, or heading to a totally new state. Having the right tools for those busy days on the go can make a huge difference in any professional’s success.

Staying organized and feeling prepared can drastically improve a workday. Even days off can be more relaxing if you feel less on edge about the work-week.

These six tools are must-haves for the busy professional who is constantly on the go.

Key Organizer

One pesky item that might weigh you down during your workday is your keychain. Getting from place to place of course requires car keys, keys to the office, a house key, and any other you might be towing around.

Keychains are disorganized and uncomfortable to keep in your pocket or small purse. They are also a nuisance to feel hanging from the car’s ignition, jingling the whole drive.

Instead of a messy keychain, it is worth it for busy professionals to find a key organizer that can hold their keys.

These awesome little gadgets tuck all the keys inside, keeping them in one compact space for easy access to them later. Many even have an attachment for car keys that may not fit inside the device!

If you are looking to get one for yourself, this Cool Things Chicago article offers some great places to get the perfect key organizer for your style.

They come in all different materials and colors, so there is so much room to choose the one you like the best.

An organized set of keys is a smart way to make a busy life a little easier.

Insulated Reusable Water Bottle

During a long day, it is not always easy to remember to stay hydrated. There might not always be a water fountain at your disposal if you are traveling from place to place.

Instead of buying plastic water bottles everywhere you go, a busy professional could benefit from a reusable water bottle.

Reusable bottles can typically be filled with the beverage of your choice and can keep them at the perfect temperature throughout the day. If you are leaving your cold beverage in the hot car, the water bottle can keep it cool.

Simply fill the bottle at the beginning of the day and you can stay hydrated during all the work you have to do.

Save money on plastic water bottles with a bottle you can refill time and time again!

Portable Computer Mouse and Keyboard

Working while you are traveling comes with the territory of being a successful professional. That being said, you won’t have your typical desk setup when you are on the go.

To make sure you have some feeling of the normal work environment, it is good to have a computer mouse and keyboard that are dedicated to traveling.

Many of these devices can fit into any laptop bag or luggage so you can bring them along anywhere you go.

Finding a keyboard and mouse that are wireless will also make your busy life so much easier. They will be able to connect seamlessly with all the devices you might need without worrying about the ports in the device.

Having all the right tech gear can make your busy professional schedule a little smoother during travel.

An Echo Dot

A digital assistant is a great idea for the professionals that need an all-purpose device. An Echo Dot is useful for so many aspects of the workday.

One of the most important elements of the Echo Dot that can change the life of a busy professional is its ability to act as an alarm clock.

The gentle waking feature of the Echo Dot can help you wake up on time and get into better sleeping habits that will make your day more productive. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the surest ways to accomplish more during the day.

The Echo Dot can also answer a lot of questions, from solving math problems to telling the weather. It can also play music if you feel stressed and need to listen to your favorite song.

Having such a useful device in your home office and/or in the bedroom can have a significant impact on a professional’s productivity throughout the day.

Power Adapter

Many of the devices we use to stay connected to work all feature different plugs and ports for charging. This makes it quite frustrating to stay charged when you are on the go and don’t know what kind of plugs will be available.

For any busy professional, a power adapter is essential. These feature all types of different ports and plugs for use in any situation.

International travel can be especially challenging because countries tend to use different wall outlets. There are universal power adapters that change to fit into any outlet you might encounter.

There is no more need to worry about finding a plug that you can use to stay charged in any situation. A small, easily portable power adapter can truly change the way you stay connected.


Staying logged into a laptop when you are on the go isn’t always feasible. There isn’t always room for one, especially on public transportation.

A tablet is a much more portable alternative that can keep you connected to work in a smaller format.

While the smaller devices aren’t perfectly ideal for full-time connectivity, they make great sidekicks during those times when a laptop wouldn’t be appropriate.

Many tablets offer the same features of a laptop but in a smaller form. This makes them the perfect travel companion.

Having a tablet at your disposal is so useful when all other options seem to be out of the question.

Any busy professional can agree that it isn’t always easy to have a packed schedule. Having the tools needed for success in the office and on the go can truly benefit the productivity of a traveling professional.