A traditional roof inspection is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. While an inspection of your roof is necessary to ensure regular maintenance and repair, carrying out the task is very dangerous. 

Nowadays, many homeowners and professionals make use of drones to inspect their roofs and that has been certified safe and easy.  

Below are the 6 reasons why you should start inspecting your roof with drones. You may also reach out to roofer cranston for your roof services.

Safe Roof Inspection 

To inspect roofs in the past, you just needed to climb up a ladder and walk on the roof, while this may be simple, it involves a great health and safety hazard and could even cause further damage to your roof. 

Drone roof inspection cut out the risks associated with traditional roof inspection methods. This is due to so many factors such as the building and nature of its designs. 

Modern buildings were now drawn up with complex roofing, great heights, deteriorated roofs, and structures as well as hard-to-reach parts of the roof pose attendant risks to roofers. 

Collecting the data needed without putting the life of roofers at risk is one of the great benefits of using drones to inspect your roof. 

In-Depth Data Collection 

With the use of high-quality images, video, and thermal cameras, a drone can access any part of the building and collect more useful information. Though there is still the requirement for human expertise, a drone-based roof inspection is faster, more efficient, and more accurate. 

Faster Result 

A lot of things go into planning a traditional roof inspection, it, therefore, requires more workers and time to execute one roof inspection. 

Also, different data collected must be analyzed to produce a report, doing this manually may take long unlike using a drone that is already computerized and will produce faster and more accurate results thereby saving you precious time. 


Drone-based roof inspections are less costly than conventional roof inspections. This is because many things go into a conventional inspection such as hiring workers, hiring equipment such as scaffolding, lifts, ladders, and other claiming equipment and gears. 

Making use of drones to inspect your roof, you will be cutting down on the expenses on the equipment and labor costs. 

Creation Of 3D Models

The level of sophistication of modern drone technology is one benefit of making use of drones for a roof inspection. Camera drones are not just to get high-definition photographs of the condition of your roof, the aerial photos can be used to create a 3D model. This can be done through photogrammetry, the process of 3D modeling that makes use of multiple photos of a single object.

The importance of creating a 3D model from a roof is that you will be able to measure the length, area, and volume of the roof at any time from the 3D model. Also, there is likely the possibility of you missing any details.


To carry out a conventional roof inspection, you will probably have to schedule a whole day or more for it and have all activities stalled in and around your home. But with drone inspection, you don’t even need more than a couple of hours to carry out the whole job. Lastly, it reduces the attendant risks of further damages to your property as unskilled roofers may mistakenly step on shingles thereby leading to cracks or leaks.