Customising your bike is a great way to express yourself. You can even customise the parts you buy, so here are the top 5 parts (or BMX parts) for a BMX bike worth buying:

1.   Rims

Rims are the part of the bike the tire is mounted on. There are two main types of BMX rims: aluminium and steel. So, depending on your riding style, both rims can be deep or shallow.

Deep Rims: Deep rims provide more tire clearance and more stability at higher speeds, but they also weigh more than shallow rims.

Shallow Rims: Shallow rims allow you to run wider tires, allowing for better traction and grip in turns, but they offer less stability at high speeds because they sit closer to the ground (and closer to where you’re sitting).

2.   Spokes

Spokes are the parts that connect the wheel to the hub. They are made of metal wire and can be customised with different materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium. Spokes have many options for riders’ preferences, such as animal graphics or logos.

These parts suit BMX riders who want to make their bikes stand out from others by having custom wheels with spokes that match their personality or style.

3.   Frame Bolts

  • Get the right size
  • Get the right length

A BMX frame is a crucial part of your bike and needs to be secure. Meanwhile, there are a few factors that you need to consider when buying new frame bolts. First, ensure they’re the right size for your current bike. You also need to consider what length you need, but if you’re changing frames, then this won’t matter so much. However, if you’re keeping your current bike and just replacing some parts with others, then these are essential considerations. Once these steps have been taken care of, there are other aspects that should be considered as well. This includes the type of finish – whether raw or painted and the material used for manufacture, e.g., brass or steel. These things may seem insignificant at first glance; however, they can affect performance, so it’s worth considering them carefully before making purchases.

4.   Seat and Post Package

The seat and post are the same things, except that the seat and post package is a combination of both. They are essential for comfort, especially for beginners who may still need to be used to their bikes. They come in different sizes, so choosing one that fits you well is essential. And if you need help deciding what size to get, speak with your local bike shop before buying anything.

5.   Wheelset

When picking out a wheelset, there are plenty of things to consider, such as:

  • Wheel size: 30-33mm is suitable for street and park riding, while larger 38-40mm rims are better suited to dirt jumping.
  • Wheel width: For street and park riding, go with a wide rim to maximise stability without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Meanwhile, a narrow rim is best if you’re looking to do more downhill or dirt jumps because it’ll provide the most grip on steep climbs and force you into slower speeds due to wider tire profiles.
  • Wheel weight: The lighter, the better; this allows for quicker acceleration and easier handling when trying tricks around corners or over obstacles in your path (like rocks). And if you want a cheap option, consider buying used wheels from someone who’s already upgraded their setup. Also, remember that weight doesn’t affect speed per se as much as diameter, so don’t worry about getting something ridiculously light unless it’s necessary for your particular application (i.e., racing).

It Is Possible to Customise Your Bike

You can change the look of your bike in many ways. You can buy BMX parts online, in a store, or from a friend for your BMX bike. And if you are experienced enough with building bikes, you will be able to build one yourself. Meanwhile, if you aren’t good at that yet, there is another option for customisation: sending your bike to a professional who will customise it according to your wishes.

These are just five of the many parts you can buy, but they are some of the most important. As such, they will help you customise your bike and make it more special than any other.