Wooden furniture gives dining rooms, bedrooms, and living spaces tremendous character, but it may also provide a challenging design problem. 

It can be challenging to incorporate stained wood finishes and awkward designs into more vibrant or modern spaces. When designing with handcrafted wood furniture, finding the right balance is key, whether you’re dealing with a passed-down family treasure or a vintage item you found for a great price. With the appropriate combination of hues, textures, and designs, you can incorporate wooden tables and chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, and more into your current interior design. Use these decorating ideas for wood furniture to give vintage items a fresh appearance.

Go Vintage

Lean toward an aged appearance by pairing wooden furniture with other vintage items. Place mid-century chairs around a dining table made of reclaimed wood or place a family hutch filled with collected dishware on display. The aged appearance will bind a range of pieces together, so mixing wood furniture from different ages or designs can work well.

Mix and Match Furniture

It takes skill to mix and match dark wood furniture in a bedroom. Using an excessive number of wood items can give the room a heavy, packed appearance, especially when they have dark finishes like cherry or walnut. Choose one prominent item, such as the bed or dresser, to keep in the room and eliminate the others if you inherited a complete set of wood bedroom furniture. You can either distribute the set across other rooms or give unused parts to someone else. Then, use painted or metallic treatments for other bedroom furniture pieces to counteract the dark wood.

Add Paint

Consider painting the piece with a new colour if you genuinely can’t make the wood panelling finish work in your room. Consider a safe, neutral colour that complements the historic style of the piece, or go bold with an accent colour to make it stand out. Replace the outdated hardware with contemporary knobs and pulls for another simple furniture upgrade, or line the back of a piece with sliding doors with attractive patterned wallpaper.

Think Outside of the Box

Find inventive ways to design with wood furniture by looking beyond an item’s intended use. For instance, if your bedroom is already wholly furnished, a wood dresser might be used as a serving table for drinks or as storage in the dining room. Make sure the height fits with the surrounding furniture when choosing wood nightstands for use as side tables in the family room or as a drop zone in a tiny doorway.

Add Colourful Accessories

Using bright accessories to show off your style when designing with wood furniture. A wood dresser or table should have a runner with a vibrant design on it. Wear vibrant bedding or wall art if your bedroom has wood furniture. Dark wood furniture can also benefit from colourful lamps, vases, and plants. Once more, let the undertone of the wood influence your choice of colours.