Nepal, the land of the Himalayas is always on the bucket like of travel freaks. For forever, it has been the center for adventure lovers and natural hunters. And now, Nepal has developed to be the world’s fav backpacking destination. And undoubtedly, Nepal travel is going to change your life. 

Here is why you should travel to Nepal in 2022:

New Destinations Are Emerging

If you have already been to Nepal, you are well informed that the country has numerous trekking routes. The facilities in the classic treks such as Everest base camp tours, Annapurna Base Camp, and so on have improved. Plus, many new trekking routes have recently received popularity. Manaslu region trek, Rara Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, etc are the ones that have newly been introduced. The most popular route for 2022 is going to be the Ghorepani Poonhill trek, and you must trek the Himalayan Master’s Itinerary here. 

Plus, different parks, Munnar waterfalls and view towers have been constructed throughout the country. You can find many different places for sightseeing. Cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini e.t.c have been even more beautiful. New villages such as Landruk, Siklesh, Ghale Gau, and others are being popular for their intact Nepalese culture. 2022 is your chance to travel to Nepal and conquer one of these unexplored lands. 

Discount And Offers

After almost 2 years, the travel industry is finally bouncing back, and they are excited to welcome you. Every hotel and restaurant is offering unbelievable discounts to tourists. The trekking packages from travel agencies have got cheaper. If you travel in groups, you also get special discounts. To sum up, In 2022 you are going to save a lot. 

Safe For Tourists

After the COVID pandemic, the most frequent question is “Is Nepal Safe to travel”. The answer is “Yes”. The travel agency of Nepal is doing its best to create a safe environment for tourists. The vaccination program by the government is almost completed and everyone has received their immunization. All trekking place has been open, and now it’s safe to travel again. Himalayan master’s team has updated its vaccination, testing, and cancellation policy for the trekkers. Have a look…

The Facilities Have Got Better

Nepal might be a third-world country, but for tourists, it can be a luxurious vacation. Over the past years, many star hotels have been constructed in major cities. The quality of services in the tea house in trekking routes has been tremendously improved. You can now enjoy Pizza even in the Base Camp of Everest. 

New Adventurous Have Been Introduced

Nepal is not only famous for its beautiful trekking routes. There are many adventurous games you can try. Bungee Jumping has been introduced in different cities across the country. White water rafting in the perennial rivers of Nepal is another fun activity. You can try paragliding, hot air balloon, skydiving, rock climbing, and canoeing. 

Helicopter Tour And Luxurious Stay

Nepal is known for the massif Himalayas. But that doesn’t mean you need to trek for weeks to enjoy its beauty. The helicopter tour is a recent activity in Nepal. You can fly above the Massif Mountains or land in their Base Camp, an unbelievable scenario flashes before you.


If Nepal is not the country on your bucket list, just add it to the list now. And if it’s already on the list make the trip this very year. Nepal travel in the year 2022 will add more perks and fun. There are many fun places and adventures to occupy you during the trek. Here, Himalayan masters adventure and travel company  can bring you the best trekking and tour in the himalayas.

So, stop overthinking. 

Pack your bags and book the flight tickets.