Chronic pain, depression, and other mental health conditions can severely impact a person’s quality of life. These conditions are often so debilitating that they can leave sufferers feeling as if they have no hope of ever getting better. Fortunately, there are now several different treatment options available to deal with these health issues. One such treatment method is Ketamine-assisted therapy.

Ketamine therapy solutions in Hollywood is a method that uses low doses of a novel anesthetic drug to relieve severe chronic pain and mental health conditions in a shorter period than normal traditional therapy. Its effectiveness in dealing with these conditions has made it a popular choice for many people. Its short-acting nature, one major advantage it has over other psychedelics, has also made it the perfect choice for the fast-paced world we now live in. Instead of having to stay in a facility for weeks, with ketamine, you will be out of the clinic within 2 hours. This is why the treatment has gone mainstream.

Read on to understand more about Ketamine therapy. 

What Is Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?

Ketamine-assisted therapy is a process that involves using ketamine to induce a state of calmness before proceeding with psychotherapy sessions. Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic that is used in human and veterinary medicine. It is a medicine that can be injected or administered intravenously and works by changing how your brain reacts to stress. When ketamine-assisted treatment is used, the patients will have a feeling of euphoria and warmth during the psychotherapy sessions.

The goal of this treatment is to help relieve symptoms in patients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health disorders so that the psychotherapy sessions can be more productive.

Brief History Of Ketamine and Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine was first synthesized in 1962, and since then, there have been hundreds of studies about this type of treatment, and it has shown remarkable results in human and veterinary medicine. In the 1970s, ketamine was initially categorized as a controlled substance, but after several reviews and testing, the medication became accepted worldwide.

During several studies, it was discovered that ketamine doesn’t have to be categorized as an addictive controlled substance because it offers numerous benefits when administered in small doses. In other words, patients are not at risk of getting addicted to ketamine when they receive supervised ketamine-assisted treatment. Presently ketamine is now the only psychedelic medicine legally approved to be used by mental health practitioners for the treatment of patients experiencing mental challenges. Ketamine can be used with or without other psychotherapy; however, when it’s used along with psychotherapy, it helps patients to address their underlying emotional and psychological issues. 

Overall, ketamine-assisted therapy has shown remarkable results in treating pain, depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health issues. 

Benefits Of Ketamine-assisted Therapy

More Stable Mind

During psychotherapy treatment for patients experiencing anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or other mental health issues, most patients become restless and unstable when recalling traumatic events. This often makes treatment slow and sometimes unproductive. Thankfully, with the help of Ketamine-assisted therapy, patients are calm and a lot more stable during and after psychotherapy. Ketamine-assisted therapy helps patients unburden their minds easily without holding onto depressive, suicidal, or obsessive thoughts.

Reduce Pain

When Ketamine-assisted therapy is used for chronic pain associated with various medical conditions, it works by acting as a potent analgesic that inhibits some receptors and enhances anti-inflammatory effects in the area generating pain. Ketamine-assisted therapy helps patients reduce the intake of narcotic painkillers.

Increases Energy Level

Depression is often characterized by low energy levels, anger, and frustration which can be difficult to deal with. When ketamine is used, patients begin to experience significant increases in mental alertness and also experience higher energy levels.

Fast results

Traditional treatments for mental health conditions are often slow, but Ketamine-assisted treatment shows rapid and long-lasting effects. Once patients receive the ketamine treatment, it begins to show significant effects within a couple of hours. Some patients report the positive effects of this treatment as early as their first ketamine-assisted treatment.

No blood Pressure Issues 

Unlike several other medications, ketamine treatment doesn’t negatively affect blood pressure. Also, you’re not at risk of developing breathing problems after the treatment.

The bottom line is that Ketamine-assisted therapy is suitable and effective in combating various mental conditions. Many studies and testimonies have proven the efficacy of ketamine-assisted treatment, and this has sparked hope in the mental healthcare sector and for several mental health patients.