Hey! Readers, hopefully everyone prosper. The majority of the YouTubers face some issues and think that video progress in YouTube is showing yellow now. Suppose your quest on How Come the YouTube Bar Yellow showed up you here, you have to must say you are in a good option please keep tuned in around for complete information.

YouTube is certainly an movie streaming platform that’s extremely popular worldwide, including within the united states . States.

About YouTube

As mentioned above, it is the finest video streaming platform famous worldwide it’s numerous videos for many topics of human interest. For several, YouTube could be the way to obtain earnings, and for a lot of students, it’s helpful for studies.

If you are furthermore a YouTube lover and follow your chosen You Tuber, please keep studying this informative article for relevant information.

How Come the YouTube Bar Yellow?

A little alteration of YouTube affects many YouTubers worldwide this really is really exactly the same situation at the moment within the last day or two, a little alteration of YouTube has happened where the progress bar in video playing appears in yellow isn’t red colored like before.

Individuals from the united states . States have to know the explanation for it and really should also know how people react to the identical please reference the further sections.

Cause of a Yellow Bar inside the YouTube

Usually, it progressing bar will probably be red, as well as the ads showing video color is yellow. Just a little change made many rushes on the web to know How Come the YouTube Bar Yellow? Based on our research, no official reason from YouTube is acquired for your sudden change.

Suppose you are not watching an advert still going to a yellow bar means maybe an advert blocker causes the issue. Or it’s possibly a prank as April Fool day is near.

The YouTube team is efficient enough to discover and supply the solution for issue as rapidly as you possibly can. For further updated details, please keep tuned in around.

Peoples’ Reaction

We searched for users’ responses for just about any sudden glitch in YouTube and discovered the response like here. One of the user states about How Come the YouTube Bar Yellow that, ‘suppose you are not streaming ad but nonetheless yellow bar is showing because in the ad blocker.’

Compared, another user claims that even though I have no ad blocks placed in my system, video progress is yellow, therefore i think adblocker isn’t associated with this issue.’


Within the last day or two, just a little change online goes viral on the web. In the event you encounter the identical problem, please delay until the YouTube official team solves the issue. There is no proper cause of it progressing yellow bar till now. Hopefully our research-based article was helpful for you personally.

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