Sailing and catamaran holidays are often seen as something only the rich and famous do. Picture jumping from the deck of your boat into crystal blue waters as you cruise round some of the best Mediterranean islands, stopping at secret coves to admire the beauty. Then in the evening, you visit some of the best restaurants the Mediterranean has to offer, only to sail off a new island for more exploring the next morning.

It seems like a dream, right? Yet, a sailing or catamaran holiday with is surprisingly affordable. Below, we’ll look at the top reasons why a sailing or catamaran boat should be your next holiday. 

The difference between a sailing boat and a catamaran 

The main difference between a sailing boat and a catamaran is that the former only has one hull, whereas a catamaran has two. The two hulls on a catamaran make it much more sturdy and easier to sail, as well as offering more space below deck.

A sailing boat may offer less room onboard and also requires a more experienced hand above deck, so is often more suited to experienced sailors. You need to discuss it with pontoon boat rental company before taking a boat on rent. The sailboat moves through the water much quicker, whereas a catamaran is slower and not so easy to maneuver into smaller spaces at busy ports. 

Experience greater privacy

A sailing boat or catamaran holiday offers far more seclusion than your average holiday resort. For starters, there’s no need to book a table at the breakfast buffet, and you don’t need to worry about running out to the pool at 6am to reserve the best sunbeds. On a sailboat holiday, you’ll wake up to the peace and tranquility of the waves lapping against your boat and the odd seagull swooping above.

That being said, a sailboat holiday gives you the best of both worlds. When you’re ready to mingle with others, simply dock the boat at a local town and go mingle, then come back to the seclusions of your private boat when you’re ready. 

It’s not your regular package vacation

Why not be a little different from the crowd on your next holiday? Staying in a resort is nice, but it’s also very predictable. You wake up to visit the breakfast buffet, hang out at the pool every day, have set mealtimes, and visit the same bars and entertainment venues with the same people there every evening.

A sailing boat or catamaran holiday offers much more adventure out on the open sea! With a sailing holiday, you can see a number of different destinations, travelling at the speed that suits you. You’ll be able to visit far more places and explore more quirky places away from the typical tourist scene. Check out this website for your boat equipment needs.

Teach your children a new skill

While resorts offer kids clubs where your children can get involved in a range of fun and games, a sailing boat holiday gives you the opportunity to teach your children a new skill and give them an increased level of responsibility.

While you may need to keep an extra eye on them above deck, it’s a chance to teach them all about sailing and inspire their young minds with the different places you’ll explore. 

What’s more, there’s no need to worry about leaving the kids alone to enjoy a nice meal once they’re in bed. Why not hire a private chef to cook dinner on board your boat?

Wake up in a new place each morning

Struggling to choose just one place for your next holiday? There’s no need to choose with a sailing boat or catamaran holiday. A sailing boat holiday gives you the freedom to set your own pace and explore at will. 

You might choose a more relaxed pace and only explore one or two islands while staying in one place for a few days at a time, or you could cover a multitude of towns along the European coast and cover several miles of ocean every day.

The choice is yours. 

A range of watersports at your fingertips

Enjoy watersports? F stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling or diving are your thing then you’re in the right place as you can keep all of that equipment on your boat. There’s no need to pay for expensive tours or guided sessions in crowded places, simply stop at a remote bay and dive right in.

If you’re not familiar with the equipment or the waters, it may be a good idea to hire a private guide to come abroad your boat and help in order to be safe. However, if you’re an experienced diver or paddle boarder, the sky’s the limit. 

Avoid the crowds

While beaches and poolsides at resorts or in typical tourist hotspots can get very crowded, a boat gives you the ability to simply move on to more remote locations. Best of all, you may even be able to access beaches in secret coves than no one else has discovered. 

Overall, a sailing boat or catamaran holiday offers a great deal of adventure. Whether you prefer to take it slow, or pack in as many new locations and activities as possible, a sailing boat holiday gives you the best of both worlds while also offering one of the most unique holidays you could find.