Sir Walter TNA certified buffalo cross is an excellent variety of lawn for home lawns in terms of durability, qualities, and texture. Sir Walter buffalo grass will give your lawn a beautiful look and is cost-efficient. It is the best choice for you. Some of the essential features that will attract you are that it is drought-resistant, can survive in the shade, requires less maintenance, little watering, and fertilizing. Let us consider some fundamental reasons why you should buy Sir Walter Buffalo turf for your home lawns from good sellers like Sydney Lawn And Turf Australia.

1. You Can Enjoy A Beautiful Green Lawn All Year Round: Year-round enjoyment is guaranteed because the quality of this lawn is perfect for an outdoor area for relaxation and play. As you know that spending time outdoors will enhance your physical and mental health, this turf will benefit your family. Breathing the fresh air will relax your mind and will give other health benefits as well. So if you want perfect grass for enjoying every day without climate issues, you can opt for Sir Walter. It is capable of surviving any Australian climate. Not only that, but it is also disease resistant and low allergenic. It means even if you have any sensitivity, it will protect you against that, and it won’t allow any pests to cause disease.

2. It Will Increase Your Property Value: This buffalo turf not only adds to the beauty of your property but also increases its value. In Australia, people pay special attention to the lifestyle opportunities in the entertainment that the properties offer. So opting for Sir Walter buffalo grass for enhancement is a good idea because it is favored by architects, landscapers, home improvers as the best lawn for upgrading any outdoor landscape. And it will surely attract home hunters.

3. Little Maintenance: Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo turf is the best choice for Australian and Melbourne people because of its low maintenance requirements. You can enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful lawn after laying your turf by a professional according to the recommended guidelines. This turf variety develops deep root systems with little water, and it can thrive during dry conditions and stay green. It is also pet-friendly and kid-friendly. 


These are some of the attractive features of Sir Walter turf that please people to buy it, and there are many other benefits also. However, it is a bit expensive but is worth spending. While purchasing, keep in mind to purchase from DNA-certified Sir Walter. It is better in comparison with other varieties of buffalo grass because it has all the qualities that others lack. Sir Walter will stay green all the time and can survive any climatic condition. Though there are several natural grass turf varieties available today in the market, no type can beat sir Walter buffalo cross in terms of its quality to thrive in harsh weather. All qualities and features of this turf will attract you to try them. They are softer for children and also environment friendly.