BTS needs no introduction because it is the greatest and globally acclaimed bad boy band with awards, chart-topping hits, inspirational titles and appealing style. Lately, a picture from the BTS group has circulated online where all band people were seen putting on a nose and mouth mask.

J-Hope or Jeong Ho-Seok is viewed encouraging individuals the U . s . States to put on a nose and mouth mask to avoid the deadly virus spread. But, why the whole group is putting on a mask. Do all fans need to know Why Did Jhope Put on a Mask? This is a brief guide that will help you understand.

Who’s JHope?

Jung Ho-Seok may be the South Korean songwriter, rapper, record producer and dancer most widely known through the stage name, J-Hope. He was created on 18th February 1994, and also at a really young age, he debuted because the person in unhealthy Boy Band or BTS from Columbia. The audience is owned and managed by Success Music.

J-Hope released his first solo album in 2018, and also the solo mix-tape was named “Hope World.” It received an optimistic response from users within the U . s . States. Lately, he was seen putting on a nose and mouth mask, and the fans need to know Why Did Jhope Put on a Mask.

His fans need to know whether he’s putting on a mask for fashion, it’s culturally important or perhaps is putting on the mouth area mask for privacy and security reasons. There is a answer below.

He was seen encouraging individuals to put on a mask to prevent multiplication from the COVID-19 virus. Heads of United nations agencies appreciated him, plus they quoted him for his proceed to persuade folks to put on a mask. Aside from encouraging the usages from the mask, the artist also offers some other reasons for putting on a mask. Let’s check as below.

Why Did Jhope Put on a Mask – The Brief Reasons

After evaluating, recommendations a couple of explanations why the artist was putting on a nose and mouth mask in public places. A few of these reasons are discussed below:

•           The first reason would be to highlight and encourage others to put on goggles to avoid multiplication of Novel Coronavirus. The artist was seen encouraging individuals to put on a nose and mouth mask once they walk out their property to avoid COVID-19 spread. He seemed to be appreciated and recognized through the heads of United nations agencies via social networking and quotes. It’s the first reason Did Jhope Put on a Mask.

•           The second reason would be to showcase his unique style, that this guitar rock band is globally acclaimed. The artist was seen putting on a flower mask throughout his YouTube live session. Throughout the live session, the artist was seen dancing and stretching on several music using the flower mask.

•           The third reason behind putting on a mask is for your health. Since he belongs to a band involved with singing songs, it’s important to keep his voice quality. So, putting on a mask can prevent pollution from entering the machine and affecting the voice.


Hopefully, it’s obvious towards the fans Why Did Jhope Put on a Mask while in public. Aside from all of the reasons pointed out above, the artist also wears a mask for privacy and fashion. J-Hope was seen putting on a mask in public places even if there wasn’t any COVID-19 pandemic.

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