Frequent travelers, particularly digital nomads, often worry if it’s practical to only spend a few days in a luxurious destination like Croatia. Those who enjoyed their long stays near gorgeous beaches would argue that they won’t fully experience the place in such a stint.

These reasons are pretty much rational, especially for people who bring their laptops with them. However, even working wanderers won’t need a week or two to indulge themselves in the beautiful beaches of Croatia. 

Without further ado, let us reveal how it’s possible.

The Center Is Near The Best Places In Croatia

Indeed, Croatia seems small if you look at the map. However, you can’t visit every corner of the country in a week. The region is too long that even second-timers who spent over seven days couldn’t travel around the whole of Croatia.

There are many villas to rent in Croatia, but staying somewhere central would make it easier for you to access the most iconic spots. Split is a fine choice as it sits only a few kilometers from Dalmatia Coast. From here, you may visit the islands of Korcula, Vis, Brac, and Hvar. You may even reach Dubrovnik in a few hours’ drive.

On the other hand, Porec is a perfect base to start your journey if you want to see the highlights of Istria and other places in the northern part of Croatia. 

It Is Possible To Visit Several Islands In Just A Few Days

Croatian islands are accessible from the center. They are not too geographically distant from each other either. However, hopping from one pristine beach to another is quicker said than what most tourists would anticipate. This travel revelation is true, especially for lone explorers. 

The best way to visit many islands is to join a tour group. If you plan to see dozens of them, be sure to choose a villa near the mainland’s port. You could rent a yacht or hop on those sailboats that cruise along the Adriatic Sea if you have enough funds to exhaust.

An Extensive Bus Network

Forget the poorly managed trains. Croatia’s bus lines are the most reliable transport options in the region. Compared to very expensive taxis, these bus operators are reliable, frequent, and the price is just right.

Most of the bus stations are in the center of town, hence our earlier advice to find a hotel somewhere in that part of Croatia. You may also book tickets through the websites of these local operatives, such as Libertas and Getbybus.

If you want to luxuriate further, you may rent fancy cars so that you can drive from Split to Dubrovnik and vice versa. This transportation convenience comes with a hefty price, so you better plan your itinerary carefully.

It’s Easy To Find What You’re Looking For

Not everyone is an expert in using maps. We know some travel buddies who bleed upon seeing these sketches and directions. If Google Maps confuses you even more, don’t fret. Feel free to ask a friendly local for guidance.

Unlike in other parts of Europe, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in Croatia. Infrastructures have readable signs on them. As such, it’s not easy to get lost in the region. Still, it’s better to learn a few German or Italian greetings and polite responses like “thank you” and “have a nice day.”


Planning to squeeze a few days or a week to spend in Croatia? Go for the busy metropolis of Split, which is the center of tourist activities. Near the second-largest city are mainland ports and other stations that’ll take you to the breathtaking treasures the Croatia region offers.