A granny flat can be better understood as a mini home that you build on your land to stay or as an investment. A granny flat can be unconnected, connected to your house, part of your garage, or a small part of the house that is converted into a granny flat. You can build it yourself or hire some experts like Granny Flat Solutions to do this work for you, but first of all let us see Why build a granny flat? Does everyone need to know about What is a Real Property Report?

Building a granny flat comes with a lot of advantages. Let us see why it is a good option?

1. Stay close to the family

A Granny Flat is like an added accommodation for your large family or old parents.  The accommodation options for aging parents are in high demand, so a granny flat turns out to be the desired option to stay close to your loved ones. The granny flat designs are flexible and can easily accommodate your family and maintain their independence simultaneously.  

2. an excellent experience for the guests

At times people struggle to find accommodation when their friends or extended family visit them. Building a granny flat can solve this issue and can give the guests a great experience and comfort.

3. The designs can be creative and customized

Building a granny flat will also help the inner designer come out of you. It can be a perfect place to display your creativity and act as an excellent place for your hidden talents. How about a music room or a creative corner in the flat?

4. Perfect place to work from home

The granny flat can also serve the purpose of an office away from the workplace. No disturbance and complete independence while you work from home!  

5. Great rental income

A granny flat can provide for some added income if you rent it out.  You can earn a decent rental income and free up the invested amount in 6-7 years. 

6. Enhance the Property Value

By constructing a granny flat in your investment property, you will be able to enhance the property value manifolds. Your single property may not yield as many returns as the one with a granny flat. It can be built in a small investment and will give you a significant boost in the overall property value

7. Design of your choice

You can design the Granny flats as per your choice. The size, number of rooms, and amenities all depend on the kind of outcome you need. It can be a small studio or a good house with three bedrooms.  You can creatively add up a workspace, verandas, sheds, patios, and garages. 

8. an excellent alternative for additional space

A granny flat can act as an excellent alternative for home renovation and add up extra space required in the home. You can use the extra space for a lot of purposes. 


A granny flat is a great investment option that can provide you with high yields, an excellent opportunity to extend space, stay close to loved ones and add up to your monthly revenues