Anouska’s life is filled with adventure, transformation and an ability to reinvent yourself. Hempel’s journey has been nothing less than extraordinary. From captivating audiences in the silver screen, to creating some the world’s most luxurious designs for interiors, her journey is anything but ordinary. Her relationship with late Everton manager Bill Kenwright is only one layer of her rich life.

Anouska Hempel , who is Bill Kenwright’s ex-wife?

Anouska Hempel was born in New Zealand on December 11, 1941. In the early 1960s, she rose to fame due to the allure of entertainment and the big screen. Her first role in cinema was a chilling one in The Kiss of the Vampire (1996). She became known for her role in the James Bond movie on Her Majesty’s Secret Service as one of “the angels of death”.

She showed her versatility in a variety of roles, including horror, drama and comedy. Her range was demonstrated in movies like Scars of Dracula The Seven Deadly Sins and Tiffany Jones. She wasn’t limited to cinema. Science-fiction fans may remember her from UFO or Space: 1999.

Anouska’s life changed in the 1970s. She appeared on the murder mystery game show What’s the Story?, and slowly stepped away from the spotlight of acting. Hempel began a new chapter as she channeled creativity into the worlds of hospitality and design.

Anouska hempel: the Hotelier and Interior Designer

Anouska’s transition from acting to hoteliering and interior design may seem far-fetched, but it was seamless. Anouska’s aesthetic sense and business acumen have led her to be one of the leading interior designers in the world.

Anouska’s talent for design was recognized in 2002 when Architectural Digest named her one of the top 100 architects and interior designers. She’s not just about creating beautiful interiors; she knows the business of luxury.

Blakes Hotel was her first venture and opened in South Kensington, London, in 1978. It was not just another hotel, but one of the first luxury boutiques in the world. Hempel expanded internationally after its success. In 1999, it opened the Blakes Amsterdam, a beautiful hotel that paid homage Amsterdam’s rich history.

Anouskahempel and Bill Kenwright, A historical romance

Anouska has experienced highs and lows in her personal life. One of her most notable relationships is with Bill Kenwright. He was the former Everton manager. They married in 1978. The marriage was short lived, ending in divorce two years later.

Anouska married Constantine Hempel, her husband in 1964, before she met Kenwright. The relationship gave her two children. In 1973, Constantine tragically met with an accident that ended his life. Hempel married financier Mark Weinberg, in 1980, after her divorce from Kenwright. The couple has a son called Jonathan.

Bill Kenwright and Other Important Relationships

Bill Kenwright, on the other hand, has a romantic history that includes several well-known personalities. Bill Kenwright had a child with Virginia Stride before he met Anouska. Bill found comfort in the arms and the English actress Jenny Seagrove after Anouska. From the mid-1990s onwards, their relationship remained intact up until Kenwright’s tragic death.

Seagrove is an accomplished actress who has played important roles. She is best known for her television dramatization of A Woman of Substance, and for films such as Local Hero or The Guardian.


Anouska’s life and Bill Kenwright’s intertwined lives provide an enthralling look at the worlds of entertainment, love and personal reinventions. Hempel’s journey, from the glamour of the silver-screen to the luxury of luxury hotels is a testament of her spirit of resilience and evolution. Bill Kenwright’s legacy in football, and his relationship to strong, accomplished women such as Hempel and Seagrove, adds layers of illustriousness to his life.


  1. Who was Bill Kenwright’s ex-wife before his divorce?
    Anouska, an actress from New Zealand, became a successful hotelier, and interior designer.
  2. When were Anouska and Bill Kenwright married?
    They were married in 1978, but they divorced two years later in 1980.
  3. Anouska Hempel is known for what in films?
    Hempel has starred in Hammer Horror films “The Kiss of the Vampire” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.
  4. What was Anouska Hempel’s transition from acting to?
    After acting, she began a successful career as a hotel manager and interior designer, creating luxury boutique hotels.
  5. Do Anouska and Bill have any children?
    Anouska Kenwright and Bill Kenwright were not married for long enough to have children.