If you want to give a loved one a present which can stand the test of time, then you should consider giving him or her a plant. Additionally, if you want to choose the best houseplant gift for your recipient, you need to know their personality and their schedules. For instance, a water-sipping succulent is a very good choice for a busy friend, while a shade-tolerant fern could be perfect for a shady apartment and an attentive owner. Furthermore, if the recipient already loves plants, you can gift them with an unusual choice that will test their skills. Regardless of the plant you choose, you can include a ceramic pot and even a bag of appropriate soil. Below are houseplants that are great gifts for loved ones.


Succulents are very easy to maintain, which is why they come in bowls, miniature pots, decorative hanging bubble terrariums, and wine corks. You can gift your loved one a trio collection that has various green shades and patterns. For example, you can send them a Hoya Heart succulent, which is shaped like a heart and is a sweet and endearing way to express your love. Alternatively, you can gift them Haworthia succulents which have a striped pattern that will please people with modern tastes.

Money tree

The money tree is intended to bring good financial success and good luck. In addition, it can cleanse the air and reduce stress also. The money tree thrives in soil that has good drainage which prevents root rot. Moreover, it loves humidity and is relatively easy to maintain and care for. Everyone enjoys having a little luck on their side. Showing your loved ones that you’re thinking of them and want them to succeed will make them feel special.

Gardenia Bush

Gardenias popularly represent peace, joy, and harmony, which makes them a special gift for someone special to you. The fragrant white blooms are beautiful to look at, and they are easy to care for. Recipients who have no gardening experience can easily maintain them for many weeks. All they must do is water the gardenias and keep them under indirect sunlight. They are easy to take care of and a thoughtful gift for anyone.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are a lovely and endearing festive gift to give someone during the holidays. They bloom around thanksgiving and throughout the Christmas season. In addition, Christmas cacti have bright pink buds that later change into red blooms and create beautiful Christmas colors. Christmas cacti thrive when they are placed in front of a bright window and a cool environment. The cacti are easy to care for since they require a little bit of water.


Ferns symbolize new beginnings in some cultures, making them a great gift for new owners and anyone young at heart. Ferns thrive in environments that are moist and can even do great in bathrooms. However, some ferns are hardier than others and need misting once a week, like the bird’s nest fern. Super easy to take care of and look cute in any setting. Great for those who just want to add a simple look to their home. 


If you want to surprise a loved one with a present that can last for a long time and can also improve the aesthetics of their home, you should send them a special plant delivery. In addition, you should select a houseplant that can complement their personality or lifestyle. Make sure that you know what their aesthetic is and what they are into. You don’t want to buy the wrong plant that won’t fit their needs.