Check out this blog for a comparison that will assist you in deciding which programming language will be your best assistant for your upcoming web development project. 

Today’s industry is dominated by interactive and attractive websites and mobile – apps. Every third out of the fifth firm has its custom made website and application. These are the blessings of technology and web development business for creating high–quality, useful apps. Backend development is the most crucial aspect of developing mobile or web apps. I1t is the backbone or basis of the development process.

A functioning backend paves the way for the creation of interactive applications. Python and PHP. Two languages that have achieved remarkable popularity in backend programming have always been heated topics of debate amongst the developer’s community and corporation.

The two most preferable web server-side languages used by most of the enterprises in today’s increasing disruptive digital environment are  PHP and Python.

However, picking a side in the ‘ PHP  VS Python ”  argument isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee.

While PHP is used to programme a large number of websites, Python, with its own share of fans and followers, has seen a significant rise in its popularity in the last few years.

I was looking for a way to decide which one is better for your next project?

I caught up in a catch -22 and was not able to decide.

Then your journey ends here because we are going to have a detailed analysis of both the languages and make a pro-con list for you, which will make your decision making task quite easier.

Which is better for web Development, PHP or Python

Here we will make a comparison amongst PHP and Python on the basis of five main criteria.

  1. Speed 
  2. Marketability 
  3. Performance 
  4. Versatility  
  5. Scalability 


Let’s begin with the basics of each language.

PHP is a programming language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is a multipurpose programming language that is most widely used for web development. Originally the language’s

name stood for “Personal Home Page “. Later on, it was shortened to “PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor “, which created a recursive acronym. PHP has developed to become one of the most popular web development technologies across the globe. Despite facing criticism, it has shown its worth in full splendour.

Python is a high–level programming language that may be used for a variety of tasks. Guido Van Rossum created the game, which made its debut in 1991. Python has evolved into one of the most popular programming languages, with many well-known IT companies adopting it.

Python is an extremely flexible language. Developers from all across the globe have contributed to the development of the python ecosystem throughout the years, producing a variety of tools and modules to tackle issues in a wide range of areas.

Python, in addition to being popular amongst system administrators, is one of the most widely used languages in data science and data analysis. Thanks to a wide collection of excellent libraries written in the languages for this purpose.


As the world of speed and competition increases, so does the need fr a fast and cooperative web language. 

You need to build an MVP and raise funding to further your project and to give an impetus to your new product development. 

Here we again emphasise the need to choose the correct language for your web development.

PYTHON has a rich selection of third–party libraries, modules and packages to help finish your project faster 

DJANGO, for example, is one of the best–known Python web development frameworks. It uses the MVC ( MODEL – VIEW CONTROLLER ) paradigm to help developers to design applications with quick precession and clear separation of concerns, and a high level of reusability.

PHP also includes a collection of tools, such as libraries and frameworks. The most popular framework in the PHP camp is Laravel, which uses the MVC  architecture and comes pre-packaged with many important development tools, including authentication, routing, templating and more.


Security Vulnerability and web development process go hand in hand. According to the OWASP Foundation, SQL injection, Cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting and other web applications security vulnerabilities are among the most serious ones.


As we proceed through the software development lifestyle, the cost and time it takes to rectify these errors increase tremendously.

 According to research, removing vulnerabilities at the post-production stage is 30 times more costly than eliminating them during the design, need identification and architectural stages.

 As informed by the surveys to WikiLeaks, various government organisations, including the CIA, depend ( heavily ) on Python as a covert hacking tool; apart from CIA, Python is used by a number of other US government agencies that handle sensitive data, including the Department of Education, the Navy and the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NSIT), to mention a few5.

PHP, on the other hand, has a dreadful track record when it comes to security. Even though most security vulnerabilities have been cured with the help of community assistance, PHP falls short of Python in terms of security.

 So backup. If you are looking forward to safer project work, you might want o gear up and hire python developers to help you out. 


The speed of an application or a website is an important component in determining its performance and fluidity. 


 It’s vital to deploy software to production numerous times a day in today’s experience-driven world.

 As previously said, Python is a quick and powerful programming language. Python’s JUST–IN–TIME compiler makes it quicker than PHP’s completion . one of the critical benefits of JIT  is that once the files have been built, they don’t need to be recompiled. 

 PHP’s older version, PHP 5. x, on the other hand, were significantly slower than Python. The introduction of PHP 7. x, on the other hand, saw a considerable improvement in application performance.

With the introduction of PHP 7, Zend engine 3.0, PHP 7 became two times quicker and more active than its predecessor.




Web applications are no longer limited to the creation of simple information portals or web pages. Rather, AI, like other developing technology, is becoming an integral element of the web. advanced AI and machine learning algorithms are used by all firms with online portals that deliver services to their clients .

Such algorithms, when combined with machine learning, not only assists business in more correctly identifying their users but also in pointing the weak spots in their business where they should focus on making their business foolproof.

Michelangelo PyML is a python – based machine learning platform developed by Uber ( an extension of the initial Michelangelo Product ). This platform helps Python developers to make forecasts in both online and offline modes. This helps them solve day–to–day tasks. Users can use PyML to verify models before replicating them.

When compared to PHP libraries, Python has a lot of them that are highly robust and helpful. This makes freelancer Python developers more quick and efficient.

These libraries offer support in a variety of areas, including natural language processing (NLP), image processing and many more.


When goods thrive, companies expand, and as the business expands, its user base expands as well . in their circumstances, having an application that can readily adapt to constantly changing clients and market expectations would become a top priority for any company. As a result, it’s essential to select an app development technology that can assist your company in scaling up. 

 IN terms of scalability, Python-based apps have strong AI and machine learning capabilities, resulting in great scalability and quick adaption to changing trends.

You can construct scalable apps with the Django framework, for example, since it consists of a succession of wired–up and ready to go components that are separated ( implies independent from each other ) . these components can be unplugged and replaced vying to the demand of your business.

 Hence you Python and PHP developers might help you to create their components according to the varying demands of the business.

On the contrary, PHP is a bit conservative to the growing demands and lags behind in terms of new trends. Despite working with full force and upgrading itself on each demand, PHP still lags behind Python apps.  Thus it loses this round to Python.

When Should You Use Python?

The Python programming language is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Here are some examples of when Python should be used:

Using the Django framework to create websites

In need of deep data analytics and experience in fields such as robots and data science

When Should You Use PHP?

Among developers, PHP is a popular server-side programming language. Here are some examples of when PHP may be used:

  • Less money spent
  • Creating websites, online apps, and blogs

Why Choose Python for Effective Server-Side Work?

Every coin has two sides.

Web development in PHP and Python both have advantages. While PHP has long been used for web programming, Python is quickly gaining ground. It is a safe, acceptable, adaptable and flexible technology that provides enterprises with a wide range of chances for machine learning and data analysis. So which language should you go for?  It solely depends on your business and functional requirements. Every cloud has a silver lining.

So which language should you go for ?

 It solely depends on your business and functional requirements .Every cloud has a silver lining .

 You may go with Python if you are planning to implement machine learning codes .


You might choose PHP if you are planning for web development and server –side scripting projects .