If you work in a space where cross-contamination can cause a serious health risk, or result in substantial losses of time and money, boot washing is an essential part of your daily maintenance.

At the very least, frequent boot washing can help keep buildings safe and clean by eliminating muddy footprints and the risk of unnecessary slips, trips and falls.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations – offering either manual or automatic operation – a boot washing station guarantees to make life easier for staff and visitors.

But where should you position it at your facility?

Allow us to explain which industries use boot washing stations and the most suitable place to install them, ensuring you get maximum return on your investment.

Where can a boot wash be used?

Boot wash stations are typically relied on in industrial settings to help maintain a sterile environment.

Factories use them so workers can quickly clean and sanitise their footwear in one place to prevent dirt from spreading around. 

Boot washers are a godsend in laboratories, too. 

Although staff are already expected to follow basic personal hygiene practices – such as wearing clean uniforms and getting changed after working in the lab – a boot washing station prevents cross-contamination even further. And technologists, scientists and other laboratory workers will be able to clean their footwear with ease.

Construction sites often benefit from the addition of a boot wash, or two. 

Workers in the building or construction trade are subject to all weather conditions, which means things can get messy quickly. A boot washer not only keeps the site cabin clean but will also increase the safety of staff – preventing them from slipping and injuring themselves when their work boots are wet and dirty.

Units with multiple stations are preferred by most industries, as they speed up the cleaning process by allowing more than one person to wash the soles of their shoes or boots at the same time.

Where should a boot wash station be installed?

Given the compact design of modern boot washers, they can be installed almost anywhere on your site without taking up too much floor space.

Although it depends on the layout of your building and how much available space you have, most industries benefit from installing boot washing facilities at entrances and exits.

Even if a worker is simply nipping to the site cabin to make a brew or pass a message to someone in the lab, having a boot washing station somewhere close to the door will serve as a reminder to clean their dirty footwear before entering. That means, large chunks of mud and debris will be left at the door.

Boot washers also work well in corridors and changing rooms, making it almost impossible for staff to miss them. 

If you’re unsure where to install a boot washing station at your business, or you can’t decide which type of boot wash is right for your needs, it’s worth seeking expert advice from specialists, like the team at SSME.