First released back in 2007, the Apple iPhone changed the very definition of a phone forever.

Think back. for a moment, to a time before smartphones – it’s hard to fathom how we communicated, navigated, and discovered the world around us!

If you still don’t have this powerful piece of tech in your pocket, what’s taking you so long? You can buy an iPhone from the following eight places, but there are pros and cons to each approach. 

Here’s what you should know about getting an iPhone at a good price, without the hassle.

1. Direct from Manufacturer

It might be the most tried-and-true way to purchase an iPhone – direct from the company that makes them. Apple is known for its stellar customer service and makes the shopping process a breeze, since the site is smooth and a joy to use.

Better yet, step into the Apple store for a memorable experience. You won’t be getting the best possible price on iPhones here, however, and older models are still cost full retail in most cases.

2. Online Retailers

You can’t go wrong buying an iPhone from online giants like Amazon or Newegg, which have great reputations and sometimes run intriguing offers. The drawback here is that customer support isn’t always up to par, and you won’t get that unique Apple customer experience.

There are also many online retailers with less-than-stellar reputations, so navigate wisely when shopping around.

3. P2P Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace and platforms are designed to get you great deals on tech such as the iPhone, but with a few notable risks. Peer-to-peer means there’s less certainty without an intermediary party, and the quality of the product isn’t always assured.

This just comes with the territory when buying pre-owned technology, so don’t be shocked when your iPhone already has scratches or technical issues. 

On the other hand, you can find good fortune and get your perfect phone at a fantastic price, but it’s truly the luck of the draw.

4. Refurbishment and Repair Shops

If you’re okay with buying a used iPhone but don’t want to run the risk of P2P markets, you can stop by a repair shop where they refurbish and resell used tech. 

You will save a bit of cash and have more peace of mind knowing that your phone will be without any major issues.

This is an ideal middle-ground option for those on a budget who also want to protect themselves from a consumer standpoint. Repair shops are usually operated independently, however, and reputations vary. Do your research before putting down the cash for a phone no matter what.

5. Big Box Stores

Stroll into any Target or Walmart and make your way to the technology section – plenty of iPhones will be available for purchase, often with nice rebates or other incentives.

The drawback here is that you might need to jump through some hoops to get that money back, and that time might not be worth spending. You may also not be satisfied with the service, or end up being roped into buying more accessories than you need. 

As always, compare your options before buying from a big-box retailer, since prices and deals can be deceiving on the surface.

6. Trade-In Programs

If you have an older smartphone or other pieces of technology lying around the house, you can trade that stuff in for credit towards the brand new iPhone of your dreams. There are many websites that operate trade-in programs and make the process fairly easy.

You may not get quite as much money for your used gear, but that’s part of the deal when a third party is doing the heavy lifting and logistics. Also, be sure to read user testimonials and reviews to make sure the program is legit before committing. 

7. Auction Sites

A good old-fashioned online auction is a great way to buy or sell an iPhone, and there’s a reason why eBay is still so popular. These sites put the power in the hands of the consumer, with sufficient protection from fraud and a good user experience.

With sites like these, you can find specific models and the exact colors you want, even if it takes more time to complete the transaction.

8. Your (Trusted) Service Provider

Let’s say you want an iPhone 12 Red with a personalized service plan, a warranty, and a set of accessories for your car and home. To check all those boxes in one place, you’ll want to connect with a cell phone service provider you trust and go through the process from start to finish.

This is how you get a fully capable iPhone without wasting time or getting involved with unwanted subscription plans that end up costing you more long term.

Find Your Perfect iPhone ASAP

Buying an iPhone is a game of trade-offs, conveniences, and risk management. Use this guide to get the phone you want, how you want it, and review all the options at your fingertips.