Choosing the best commercial solar company for your business’ electricity is often the most challenging aspect of the solar buying process. It is crucial to examine a service provider carefully before choosing.
So, how do you find the best from the hundreds of options available to you? This post provides a guide on how to choose a commercial solar company that satisfies your company’s electricity needs.

Steps to Choosing the Best Commercial Solar Company

For a start, there are many solar power enterprises with experienced and well-trained staff. It can become overwhelming when choosing from available options. However, the step-by-step guide enumerated in this post will guide you through the process. Let us check out the steps.

Step One: Create a List of Reputable Commercial Solar Companies near you

With the decision to adopt a solar system for generating electricity for your business, create a list of commercial solar companies around you. Leverage search engines to find reputable service providers. Choose companies with high ratings and good customer reviews. With this, you can streamline your list to only the best.

Step Two: Get Multiple Quotes

It is time to reach out to the commercial solar companies on your list. Visit their websites to request a quote. Each commercial solar company has its rates for installation. You will find many competitive enterprises to give you more options.
Usually, the companies will schedule an appointment to evaluate your company to enable them to give accurate prices. Ensure you contact many solar installers to receive multiple quotes. You will be amazed at the differences in the bids you receive, and you can save thousands of dollars by comparing multiple quotes.

Step Three: Ask for the Company’s Certification

With the quotes in hand, the next step is to prune the list using different parameters. The first is the certifications. Your chosen commercial solar company must have the required expertise in installing solar energy systems. We recommend you request their certifications.
For instance, if you are choosing a service provider in Australia, the company should be accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council. The Australian CEC is the apex organization for clean energy and renewable energy systems in Australia. When you choose a CEC-certified installer, you can expect industry best practices during your projects.

Step Four: Ask for the Company’s Experience and Track Record

You need a commercial solar company with the capacity to start and finish your project within a given timeline. Therefore, you must check the track record and experience of potential installers before choosing. You cannot afford to use a provider who will drop your project halfway.
Check the provider’s track records on installation and post-installation. Pay close attention to the post-solar panel installation service of the company. Request to see the systems they previously installed for clients and ask for references. Speak to some of their provider’s previous clients to know their experiences.

Step Five: Check their Maintenance Skills and Solar Warranties

Here is the deal-breaker for your decision-making process. Compare the warranties and maintenance skills demonstrated by the service providers on your list to finalize your pick. Usually, a commercial solar company warranty will cover all issues that may arise due to a wrong installation.
For instance, if a panel comes loose, the workmanship warranty should cover the repairs. Providers offer different warranties ranging between one and twenty-five years of coverage. You must be careful when dealing with new companies willing to offer extended warranties to close a sale.
Most times, they do not follow through with the deals. When a commercial solar company offers an extended warranty, check its history to verify how well they honor previous warranties.


Doing your homework ensures you choose the best commercial solar company for your project. With the five steps enumerated in this post, you should have a clear idea of what to look for and how to make an informed decision.