High-mileage engines are prone to many issues. Gaps emerge between the engine’s parts, and gaskets and seals start to crack, leading to oil leakage. Sludge build-up from years of use also causes problems.

What can you do to fix it, then?

The easiest solution is top-quality motor oil, specifically high-mileage engine oil. The thickness will keep that older engine more lubricated, and the additives protect its seals. The oil will also minimize sludge build-up, increasing your engine’s lifespan.

But how do you choose the best oil for your high-mileage car? Here are your options.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetics have a base oil thoroughly refined to eliminate more impurities than conventional oil. They also contain synthetic substances and high-performance additives that keep an engine clean and protect against deterioration. However, these oils are pricey.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil combines synthetic and conventional base oils. It’s designed to offer protection for somewhat larger engine loads and extreme temperatures. Usually, they are less volatile, evaporating far less and minimizing oil loss.

Synthetic oils are popular among truck or SUV drivers who want more protection for actions that put more pressure on the engine, such as towing large loads. They can sometimes cost as little as a premium traditional oil, which is significantly less expensive than full synthetics.

Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil is derived directly from crude oil, with many contaminants removed and some chemical additives blended in. While it’s not nearly as refined as synthetic oils, it’s the most affordable of the bunch.

High-Mileage Oil

High-mileage oils—which may be conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blends—are designed with conditioners that seep into the engine seals’ pores and help them regain their shape and flexibility. Oil refiners carefully select the ingredients that go into reswelling rubber seals.

High-mileage motor oil is designed for automobiles with an odometer reading of 75,000 miles or above. The additives and chemical enhancers in this oil may reduce oil leakage and burn in older engines which cause internal and exterior O-rings and gaskets to expand.

High-mileage motor oil won’t stop excessive wear or mechanical breakdowns. However, if your car has been well-maintained and is operating smoothly, high-mileage engine oil can be the best option to extend the lifespan of essential engine parts. It can allow your car to run far longer than expected. For those looking to further improve their car’s performance and efficiency, incorporating ie tuning parts alongside the use of high-quality motor oil can lead to even better results.

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