For a lot of people, suffering from certain physical conditions is pretty much normal, and among some of the most common conditions out there, foot pain is pretty common, especially in those who tend to walk a lot. It is a condition that can be caused by a wide variety of problems as showcased over here, each one having different approaches to be treated. Some of these problems included:

  • Tendinitis
  • Flatfeet
  • Poor choice of footwear
  • Arthritis
  • Stress
  • Muscle strain caused by walking constantly

For some people, it is just something so distant that they can’t even relate, while for others, it is something so rooted in their lifestyles that it would be weird for them to not suffer it from time to time. I, myself, was included in this category until life changed during the last year.

I remember when I used to move around when things were a little more… Pre-COVID. I had to walk around 15 minutes to get to the nearest metro station then stand (most of the time) for 20 to 30 minutes then walk another 10 minutes to reach my job. Thankfully, these days are over thanks to the home-office policy adopted by my company, and with that, my foot pain was dealt with completely.

However, during the first days of my home-office adventure, I still had foot pain. I didn’t walk that much (considering that there are people who walk even more during their daily lives) but I’ve always had problems with my legs and feet. It was very normal for me when I was a kid to get leg and foot aches every night, so having creams around was pretty normal for me.

As time passed, new creams and remedies were introduced to me, and among them, a CBD foot cream was one of those options. In this article, I will talk about my experience using this particular topical, but before the talk, I will talk about some other things I used to do as well.

Dealing with Foot Pain the Traditional Way

Back in the day, it was normal to just rely on creams, but as mentioned earlier, different conditions have different approaches. Some severe cases of foot pain might require you to use anti-inflammatories and even undergo surgery, while others are just temporary conditions that can be deal with with creams or treatments until they heal by themselves.

Of course, healing often involves resting, and some people just can afford to rest because of it. So it is pretty normal to try to relieve the pain and inflammation suffered by the feet while it heals.

Some people used very traditional treatments, some of which involved the use of herbs and plants, and along with it, massages, or warm baths. These were great to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, but their efficiency depended heavily on the type of massage used and the herbs and plants involved in the treatment.

Stretches and some exercises are also included in this group of traditional treatments, and they were great because they increased blood flow, reduced muscle strain, and helped build more endurance against physical activity.

Of course, the methods mentioned earlier were very specific, so if you are interested in them, you should definitely check them out over!

Introducing a CBD-Based Foot Cream

Now, CBD has become a very popular alternative to deal with pain and inflammation, but it is usually consumed through the mouth or by smoking. Just so you know, CBD comes from cannabidiol, which is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant, only that it is not psychoactive, so it can’t get you high. This compound is capable of providing great health benefits, most of them related to relaxation, stress, pain, and inflammation.

The most common cannabidiol-based products are oil, tinctures, flower strains, shatter, and edibles (gummies, cookies, and candies), each one capable of providing similar results with different levels of efficiency. However, topicals created using CBD are now popular as well, but do theywork?

Well, according to research, it is difficult to say whether cannabidiol is actually efficient or not. It is true that we have a lot to know about it as a medicinal alternative, but testimonials and claims all around the world have showcased its effectiveness while some researchers have shown that it is very safe and capable of helping with specific diseases like Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

However, CBD is often absorbed either by the lungs or the digestive system and through this method of consumption, it enters the bloodstream. Normally, one would believe that a topical would have no effect. Thankfully, the skin can absorb this compound, only that it works much slower, but it doesn’t cause side effects like more traditional methods of consuming cannabidiol.

Something else to note is that a CBD-based foot cream also contains other important components that are there to help you reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, so it is a combination of several very effective components capable of dealing with foot pain. It is also known that foot cream is great for moisturizing purposes, beautifying feet in the way.

Despite that, CBD as a compound is very effective, since it targets the body in a way that influences how it reacts to injuries, strain, and physical conditions. Specifically speaking, it targets our inflammatory reactions and pain sensations. It is capable of doing so by being absorbed by the pores and targeting specific neurotransmitters capable of influencing these body functions.

Overall, its efficiency depends on each individual, since each person reacts differently to it. In my case, it helped me a lot when I suffered from foot pain, and even now, I use it to manage occasional foot pain, muscle cramps, and neck pain, and since it also helps me relax, I use it as a sleep aid as well!