Did you know that 53% of Americans won’t date someone who prefers their steak prepared in a different way than they did? This goes to show just how serious we are about our meat!

While you might enjoy eating steak, you probably don’t know the cuts available. They all just look like a slab of meat to you, but the fact is, the different cuts of steak will look and taste different.

In this article, we’ll show you the different types of steak you can chow down on!


Flank steak is one of the cheapest cuts. And if it’s not prepared right, it can be chewy, as there are lots of muscle fibers in this cut. It is also known as bavette in French. So what is a bavette steak? This cut was popularised in France hence the name. Bavette steak is taken from the cows’ abdomen, a very well-exercised part.

You’ll want to cut your flank steaks against the grain so it’s easier to eat.

Flank steaks are best for fajitas, so if you’re having Mexican, this is the cut of steak to go for!


This is another cheap cut of meat if you want to have steak on a budget. The hanger steak comes from the front of the cow’s belly and is actually pretty tender and has plenty of flavor.


The ribeye is a cut you’ll often see in restaurants. The rib bone can either still be in the cut or taken out. If it’s left in, then you’ll see it listed as “cowboy steak”.

Ribeye steaks are irresistible because they have plenty of fat marbling and on the edges of the cut. It’s enough fat to offset any toughness in the steak.

New York Strip

If you don’t want something that’s as fatty as the ribeye, then try the New York strip. Because it has less marbling, it’s also cheaper, so you won’t have to empty your bank account to dine out with this type of steak.

The New York strip is leaner and a little tougher than the ribeye, so be careful if you’re cooking it at home.

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is one of the fanciest cuts around. It looks like a small thin circle and there’s a reason why it’s so expensive: it’s super tender!

The meat’s soft and buttery because while there’s muscle here, it’s barely used. But while the filet mignon is very soft, it barely has any fat, so some people find it lacking in juiciness.


The porterhouse steak is also known as a T-bone steak since it has a bone in the middle that looks like one! Essentially, this steak is the New York strip and filet mignon combined together.

As you might’ve already guessed, this steak is massive. So only order it if you’re very hungry or want to share with your partner.

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Try These Types of Steak

Now that you know more, which types of steak will you try?

The next time you go out to eat, you’ll know all about the choices available to you. And you’ll look like a real foodie to your friends!

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