Many people don’t understand the true benefits of regular facial care. For some, it can be a mental health booster or way to manage stress. For others, it’s about feeling more attractive and gaining control over their appearance. For others still, it’s about keeping healthy skin in order to prevent more serious problems later on down the line. In this post we will discuss some of the most popular benefits of regular facials.

What is a facial? 

Facial is a beauty treatment that involves the use of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and the application of creams. It has been around for many years with different types being used from mud packs to steam baths; it all depends on your skin type which decides whether or not you can do facials yourself at home as well if possible facial treatments are available in spas. 

How often should one go for a facial?

Every day, over two billion people use facial products to address their concerns with dry skin, oily patches, wrinkles or acne. And when it comes to frequency of treatments, the question is often asked: “How often should one go for a facial?” For some, an occasional treatment will do. But for others with more serious conditions like sensitive skin or hormonal fluctuations (i.e. puberty) twice monthly facials can be beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and prevent future breakouts.

Where to get facial treatment?

If you’re looking to get facial treatment, make sure to do it at a professional spas like where a trained staff member will be able to ensure the perfect results are achieved. Here are three great reasons to book a facial with a professional spas:

  • They have more experience. The beauty industry has many different types of salons, and you want to go to the best salon for the best results.
  • It saves time. Don’t have time for a full skin care treatments? Many spas offer quick-and-easy facials that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Improved Skin Health

Regular facials are an amazing way to improve your skin. You can reduce wrinkles, notice fewer breakouts, and lessen signs of aging with frequent visits to the spas. This will not only make you more confident in your own skin, but may also save you money on expensive skincare products that are often less effective than professional treatments.

Decreased Acne

Facials are showing to have an increase in clearing acne. The decrease of acne is believed to be because the bacteria that causes breakouts is being removed with an exfoliating treatment. 

Reduced Redness

One of the most important things you can do to have healthier skin is to get regular facials. Chemical exfoliation is one of the best treatments for reducing redness caused by hormone fluctuations, cosmetic products, or sun exposure. Chemical exfoliation is a process that removes dead cells and excess oil from your skin’s surface using an acidic solution. With this treatment, your esthetician will recommend the appropriate frequency based on your skin type and condition.

Clearer Complexion

Facials can help immensely in keeping your skin clear and glowy. Regular facials not only help to remove dirt and buildup that may be clogging pores, but also exfoliate the top layer of dead cells to reveal a clearer complexion. Keeping your skin healthy with regular facials will not only leave it feeling fresh and rejuvenated, but also prevent breakouts by clearing up any blockages in the skin.

Less Irritated Skin

Many people who suffer from acne and other skin issues know that they should be using a gentle and effective cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and harmful bacteria before bed. But many neglect the importance of regular facials for healthier looking skin. Regular facials will reduce the amount of inflammation you experience on your face which can lead to less irritated skin.

Minimized Appearance of Fine Lines

You may not think about your skin as you age, but it’s important to do so. Regular facials can keep your skin looking youthful and minimized the appearance of fine lines. Some of the benefits that a facial can provide for your skin are smoothing out wrinkles, removing blackheads and whiteheads, clearing acne breakouts, exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells from the surface, and giving you an overall younger appearance.