One of the major reasons why people choose to rarely invest much in earbuds is that they break. This is why you are then required to purchase a new pair each year. Accordingly, you choose to not spend too much.

The reason why your earbuds get faulty is perhaps because you may be using it in the wrong manner. It is better to know about where you may be wrong.

Following are some of the ways in which you may be using earbuds wrongly.

  • Not cleaning

If you are not cleaning the earbuds, the chances that face issues are high. This is because the earwax accumulates in the earbuds. This cannot only be harmful and detrimental to your health but also spread germs outside. Thus, you should always clean your ears. You can simply use clean water and mix it with some cleaning solution to ensure that the germs on the earbuds are eliminated.

  • Too much volume

If you are blasting the volume, you are again using the earbuds in the wrong manner. Use the earbuds at a very reasonable volume. This is because it may cause the speakers to ruin up. Most importantly, it is also not recommendable for your ears as well. Make sure that the volume is set at a normal rate which is good for you and your earbuds. However, there are some models such as JBL Earbuds, that can endure high volumes as well.

  • Mistreatment of cables

If you have a wired earbuds, then you may mistreat the cables. This is one of the ways in which you can destroy it. The cable which delivers the audio may break. Once you break the cable, there is no way it can be mended or replaced. You will have to purchase a new model. There are three solutions to this issue. First, you can purchase hard wired earbuds. The wires are difficult to break. Second, you purchase wireless earbuds. If there are no wires, there will be no issue. Last, you make sure that the wires are not tangled at all.

  • Not using a case

One of the major mistakes that users make is to not use a case. This can be fatal for your earbuds. When purchasing earbuds, make sure that you get a hard case as well. This works as a protection from external factors. For instance, it can protect the earbuds from things such as water and dust. These are potential things that can ruin it.

  • Not spending enough on earbuds

If you are not spending enough, the chances are that you will receive poor quality. This is why spend in purchasing high quality brands such as JBL. This will provide you with a number of benefits. This includes high quality audio. It also includes durability. Spending enough is a long term investment and you will get hands on a model which is most likely to last several number of years.