Heather Armstrong is a popular blogger who has touched millions of hearts with her honest and relatable writings on her blog Dooce. Her fans and followers are deeply saddened by her recent death on May 9, 2023 at age 47. This comprehensive essay will explore the many aspects of Heather Armstrong’s life. We will examine her rise to fame, her struggle with depression and her legacy.

Quick Facts

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Full NameHeather Brooke Hamilton
Date of birthJuly 19, 1975
Date of DeathMay 9, 2023
Age at Death47 Years Old
Cause of DeathSuicide after relapse of alcoholism following 18 months sobriety
BlogDooce was launched in 2001.
Marital StatusMarried to Jon Armstrong
Children– Leta Elise (born in 2004)
– Marlo iris (born 2009)
Depression: How to combat itDepression since college years

Heather Armstrong’s Blogging Journey

Heather began her journey into blogging in 2001, when she launched Dooce. Heather’s unfiltered and authentic writing attracted attention when blogging was just a young concept. Dooce was a place where Heather’s readers could get to know her personally.

The Rise of Dooce

Dooce’s audience steadily increased in the early 2000s. It now has millions of loyal readers. Heather’s ability of discussing the joys and struggles of motherhood touched many. Heather’s openness created a community of supporters who could relate.

Dooce : Challenges faced by Dooce

The rise of social media platforms in 2010 changed the blogging landscape significantly. The rise of social media has affected readership. While Dooce enjoyed enormous popularity, it is now a much smaller audience. Facebook and Twitter, with their shorter, more instantaneous nature, began to take the attention away from blogging.

Jon Armstrong’s Marriage and Family Life

Heather Armstrong’s life as a person was also an important part of her story. In 2002, she married Jon Armstrong, an experienced web designer. They welcomed their first daughter, Leta Else, together in 2004. Their second child, Marlo iris, was born in 2009.

The Struggles of Heather’s personal life

Heather’s readers and herself were both affected by the couple’s separation and divorce, which was publicized in 2012. Her mental health was affected by the separation and all of its turmoil. She was increasingly challenged by depression, a problem she has been battling since college.

Help Wanted and a Clinical Study

Heather enrolled in a Neuropsychiatric Trial at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric institute. Heather was put in a chemically-induced coma every 15 minutes for ten sessions of the trial. Heather’s willingness and participation in the trial, which was designed to investigate alternative treatments for depression and to find solutions for her and others, demonstrated her commitment to finding answers.

Heather’s battle with Depression

Heather’s battle with depression was an important theme in her personal life. She bravely shared her experiences with her book “The Valedictorian Of Being Dead.” The book offered readers a deep look into her depression journey, breaking down stigma and barriers surrounding mental health.

Career and blogging Achievements

Heather was a web designer in several startups before her blog career became popular. Her penchant for writing satirical reports of her experiences at work eventually cost her her job. Her blog’s popularity rose despite the initial setback. It now has a readership of 8.5 million and generates a monthly income from banner ads of $40,000.

Recognition and Awards

Heather Armstrong’s influence went beyond her blog. She has received many awards and nominations in recognition of her contribution to blogging and storytelling. Her relatability and authenticity made her a popular figure in the digital world.

Social Media Transition

Heather was active on Instagram, despite the fact that social media had a negative impact on Dooce’s readership. Heather’s presence on social networks allowed her to connect with her audience, and adapt to the changing digital landscapes.

Armstrong Media, LLC

Heather Armstrong and Jon Armstrong ventured out into the world of business by founding Armstrong Media, LLC. The company was a specialist in web design, content creation, advertising and marketing. It showed their entrepreneurial spirit outside of the blogging world.

Literary Contributions

Heather’s writing went beyond her blog. She signed a contract with Kensington Books in 2006 and published “Things i Learned about my Dad: in Therapy” in 2008. This was followed by “It s*cked and then I cried: How i had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed Margarita” (2009). The books gave readers a better understanding of her life.

Heather Armstrong’s Enduring Legacy

Heather Armstrong left a lasting mark on the world of blogging. Her openness, her resilience and her authenticity in the face adversity inspired many. Heather’s legacy inspires us to have more conversations about mental illness, help those who are in need and share our stories. Her life is a reminder that there’s always hope in even the darkest of moments. And through sharing our stories, we are able to make a positive difference.


  • FAQ – Who is Jon Armstrong and what is his relationship to Heather Brooke Hamilton
  • Answer: Jon Armstrong was Heather’s former husband. They divorced in 2013 after being married for a few years and have two children.
  • FAQ – What was Jon Armstrong’s occupation or career?
  • Answer: Jon Armstrong was a web designer. Armstrong Media, LLC, is a web design company that he and Heather founded.
  • FAQ: Has Jon Armstrong continued blogging after the divorce?
  • Answer: Jon did continue to blog after the divorce, but not on the same level as Heather.
  • FAQ – How did Heather Armstrong’s mental state change after their separation?
  • Question: Heather’s depression was a result of her separation and divorce. The turmoil had a negative impact on her mental health.
  • FAQ: Did Jon Armstrong participate in Heather’s blog?
  • Answer : Yes, the two companies operated Armstrong Media, LLC, a web design, advertising, content, and marketing company.