Have you heard about bugs that primarily result in Chagas disease? Do you know what unique characteristic this bug has that distinguishes it from other bugs? This is why we’re here to provide the details of the triatomine and stink bug to you.

Many people in rural regions within the United States suffer from Chagas disease that is transmitted by insects. The need to know more about these insects and attempt to recognize them.

Let’s take a look Triatomine and Stink Bug as well as find fascinating facts about them.

What is a Triatomine Bug?

It’s a reduviid bug that is a vector for an infection called Trypanosoma Cruzi which is responsible for the spread of Chagas between animals and human.

These are sometimes referred to as kissing bugs. They can be often found in homes, holes for housing and between cracks. In addition, you could find these bugs in outdoor areas such as the rocky structure, kennels as well as nests of rodents and many other.

The US has seen eleven different Triatomine bug species to this point. They are active during the night. they feed on blood of reptiles, humans and birds.

Before you spot lights on Triatomine and Stink Bug , we would like you to examine the next section which has details about stink bugs.

What is an stink bug?

Stink bugs are an indigenous insect found in Asia but it has expanded to other regions of the globe. They ruin crops, gardens and houses. Stink bugs emit a distinct smell when they are perturbed.

The initial generations of the stink bug feed on grasses. As they age they begin to move into areas of residential and field. They pose a threat to people. In addition, it was found recently that the stink bugs are back to America.

Triatomine vs Stink Bug

There are some factors which we can differentiate between these bugs –

  • The species – There are ten kinds of kissing bugs among them Triatoma sanguisuga, protracta and sanguisuga are known as conenose bugs. There are many kinds of stink bugs to choose from, BMBS is dangerous.
  • Bite Triatomine Stink Bug and Triatomine Stink Bug both have mouths that sucking. However, they are the only ones. Triatomine bites animals, pets and humans.
  • Appearance – Stink bugs sport shield-shaped bodies , while kissing bugs are shaped like a body shape.
  • Diet – The food source for these insects is one of the primary aspects that determine the distinction between Triatomine and Stink Bug. Stink bugs are dependent on apples, peaches and citrus fruits. Kissing bugs consume blood from the animal hosts.

How do you avoid the spread of these viruses?

The techniques for preventing both of these bugs are alike.

  • You should seal all entry points at which they will likely be.
  • Reduce the amount of outdoor habitats that are created for these insects.
  • Take the clutter out of your home.

Alongside these measures You should also know about the treatments for insecticides which stops its spread. Chagas disease that is caused by Triatomine.


We did our best to provide important information about Triatomine Vs Stink Bug with you. As they may come to you inside and attack you take preventive measures and protect yourself.