Blockchain technology – whenever someone brings up the term, there’s a good chance your thoughts would immediately veer off to the crypto world. And who can blame you? That is what our brains have been wired to get used to of late. While it is true that blockchain technology is still relevant in the financial corridors, its popularity has also sprung to other sectors. For instance, who would’ve figured that technology would play a massive role in transforming the iGaming industry?

Blockchain technology is expected to play a key role in the metaverse, with the decentralized casinos currently touted as the future of gambling in the much-anticipated virtual domain. Aren’t you excited about the idea of a constant 3D universe that incorporates several different virtual spaces that we normally interact with every other day? No doubt, online casino sites changed the lives of gamblers in a way no one thought was possible. And now, blockchain tech is about to usher in another impressive revolution in the iGaming scene.

What are Decentralized Casinos?

Decentralized casinos are not your typical casinos: make no mistake about that. They are tokenized and require users to use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). However, given that the idea is still new to many gamers, most don’t even know where they can experience the decentralized side of gaming. If you’ve been searching for such casinos without success, don’t worry, we did the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a list of the top 5 decentralized casinos you can relish today:

  1. BC.Game

Established in the year 2017, BC.Game has remarkably gained a massive following in less than 5 years thanks to its magnificent offering. With a wide selection of more than 10000 games, it is easy to see why it is a popular choice for the decentralized masses.

You are also spoilt for choice with a range of bonus offers for your picking. Offers like lucky spins, reload bonuses and task rewards mean that you’ll settle in quite nicely at BCGame. And by the way, it even has two in-house coins named BCD Coin and B Coin. How awesome is that?

  1. Peergame

Peergame has taken a significant foothold in the iGaming market. Especially so when it launched an online casino built on the Bitcoin SV gaming platform. Few casinos have gotten to operate on the Bitcoin SV platform, and Peergame can stand tall, having played a pioneering role in that regard.

However impressive that fete is, it is not the only aspect that makes Peergame stand out. It has a selection of exciting in-house games like Title Race, Ladder Game, Bitto and Baccarat. Other perks include 24/7 customer care support and a range of promotions like Peergame Daily Race and Peergame Weekly Race, among many others, to sweeten the deal.

  1. BetFury

Despite going live just as recently as 2019, BetFury has already made a name for itself in the iGaming world. There are a couple of reasons why its popularity has continued to soar. First, it accepts the best cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, several promotions make the Betfurry experience even better on top of its impressive game selection. And thanks to its decentralized nature, BetFury comes with a refreshing twist as players from any part of the world can enjoy its services.

  1. 7Bit Casino

A unique user interface, great graphics and a range of immersive games will keep you glued to your screen at 7Bit Casino. More importantly, the house offers a great and seamless cryptocurrency platform that easily blends with the casino gaming experience. Players are also free to use popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for transactions. 

With a dedicated team of agents ready to serve all your needs round the clock, you can be rest assured that 7Bit is all about showing its members the best time. Better still, the surety you need in terms of the validity of the 7Bit Casino should be cleared owing to its valid license from Curacao.

  1. Ignition

Known for its impressive poker range, Ignition offers an expansive game collection to keep you challenged and engaged. That’s not all, though: it provides up to nine banking methods, including cryptocurrencies, should you feel the need to be more secretive with your details. Ignition also does pretty well with an impressive range of bonuses, particularly its welcome bonus that stands out among the rest to ignite your gaming psyche.

Final Thoughts

The metaverse casino scene is still a young one. Therefore, you might find difficulty getting a variety as such casinos are still a drop in the ocean compared to the conventional online casino platforms. However, the gaming world moves pretty fast, so we can comfortably bet that decentrilized casinos will increase in number with time.