Drawing digitally helps you to gain total control of what goes on in your image. With different commands available on your keyboard, you can use them to undo mistakes or flip canvas to check for errors.

You can turn your creative art pieces into wall art also. Below are the top 10 digital art tips and techniques for your digital drawing.

Top 10 Digital Art Tips and Techniques

Make use of drawing tablet with pressure sensitivity

With digital art, there are drawing tablets that you draw directly on the screen and others where you only draw on a surface while looking at the mirror. If you are into art with passion, you don’t have to wonder how to draw digitally. You can do it by using the two drawing tablets, depending on which is the best for you. The more layers of pressure sensitivity your tablet has, the more you will add nuance to your work.


A sketch is a fairly drawn representation of the actual art that you are about to draw. Through sketching, you will get to learn a few mistakes that you would have committed on your final drawing. So, get comfortable and sketch as many arts as possible to get a little touch of the final art. The sketch will also act as a reference tool while drawing your final object.

Learn one new tool every few days

To master the art of drawing digitally, you need to have diverse knowledge and experience in different tools available for drawing. Therefore, make it your habit to try as many new tools as possible to grasp many concepts that will improve your digital art techniques. Afterward, implement these techniques in your sketching sessions or your drawing processes.

Customize your working space

This is one of the best tips and techniques that can be used to enhance your digital art. Making good use of your drawing space will ensure that you don’t have to keep n resizing your images to fit, especially if you have to plot or print them. Sticking to one program and learning how to customize its working space is preferred to work on your digital art skills and techniques.

Write down the available shortcuts and keep on testing them

Shortcuts are things like Ctrl+v or Ctrl+v that have specific uses when drawing an object. They help save time when drawing an object as you can command repetitive tasks using those commands and get your desired technique incorporated into your drawing. The more you make a practice of these hotkeys, the more you become proficient in digital art.

Clean up your favorite sketches

After saving your work, you can focus on cleaning your favorite sketches as this will help refine both your work and turn out work consistently. This can be achieved by using an eraser to refine the lines that appear too dark, too big, or have crossed other lines. This also involves lowering the opacity on the sketch layer, making layers above it.

Make use of simple exercises to warm-up

Warming up before drawing is one of the best techniques of digital art that makes you ready for the final drawing. Get a simple exercise online, sit comfortably and try to draw it as per the instructions given to it. When repeated for a long period, you are likely to get used to the digital medium and build your confidence in drawing better images or structures.

Learn how to leverage layers

Leveraging layers is one of the best techniques and tips to make your digital art appear unique amongst all other available drawings. Layers allow you to sketch, refine and test your drawing, which is crucial for every program that you are undertaking. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to drag them around, turn them on and off, rearrange them and merge them in different digital arts.

Get comfortable with basic tools

One of the main important aspects of learning digital art is getting comfortable with the basic tools available in your program. There will be no need to learn robust tools while you cannot handle the program’s basic tools. With the available basic tools, you can make a very fine art depending on how you utilize these tools efficiently. These basic tools are designed to be commonly used in almost every drawing application.

Plan your painting

Painting digital art can be challenging, especially if you have not mastered painting like hatching. Before painting, first, understand the purpose to which the digital art will be put into when it’s finished. A plan on how to paint is always good as it will help you apply different layers effectively, which enhances the appearance of your art.


Numerous tips will help you improve your digital art tips and techniques. Digital art requires a lot of discipline when using the techniques mentioned above, as this will ensure that you have gotten your desired output.