If you’re a man, and you’ve been alive for more than five minutes, then you know that every man needs a “man cave.” And when we say every man needs one, we mean every single one of us. Even if your home is already full of other spaces that are more comfortable than a cave, there’s nothing quite like having time to yourself in a room dedicated solely to your needs—whether they be relaxing or entertaining. This can be a TV, 12 volt fridge drawers, a bar, and more.

Here is all you need to set up your man cave:

A big screen TV

When it comes to choosing the right TV for your man cave, you have a lot of options. The first thing you should do is make sure that you have enough space for the television itself, as well as any other entertainment devices and furniture. Next, consider how big of a screen you want and how much power it will need.

Big screen TVs are more expensive than smaller ones, but they also give you more viewing area for less money overall. So if space isn’t an issue (and in most cases, it won’t be), then go ahead and get yourself a big one! Just make sure that there’s enough room left over after all of your electronics are plugged in—big screens require lots of electricity!

A dart board

While setting up your man cave, it’s important to remember that not every item is going to be useful. One thing that can definitely come in handy is a dart board. A dart board is essential for keeping score when playing darts with friends or family members. It also provides a relaxing way to practice your aim and have some fun while doing so.

A fridge

Your fridge is the most important appliance in your man cave. This is where you will store your beer, and if you don’t have a fridge that can accommodate all of your beer, then what’s the point? To avoid constantly refilling your mini-fridge with more cans of Coors Light (or whatever cheap American beer is trending right now), then make sure that it has enough space for all of your favourite brews.

You can save space by investing in 12 volt fridge drawers instead of an actual ice box—they’re compact and easy to use while still being able to keep things cold inside. Plus, they’re perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your man cave!

Bar stools

Bar stools are important for a bar or kitchen island. They give you a place to sit and enjoy food and drinks with friends, family or just yourself. When it comes to buying bar stools, there are many options available: wood or metal construction, adjustable seat height features, padded backs or not, etc.

Boxes for storage

Boxes are a great way to store your things. They’re cheap, easy to get, stackable and can be used for other things as well. It is perfect for storing your baseball card collection, and the one next to it will keep all of your hair products organized.


We hope that you’ve found the information in this article helpful. With the tips mentioned above, you will have the man cave of your dreams and the perfect hangout spot for you and your friends.