Most Americans suffer from chronic pain, a lack of energy, and low quality of life. And a big reason that Americans are suffering is due to the standard American Diet (SAD) which prioritizes high-calorie foods that lack helpful nutrients. 

But if you’d like to change the way you feel, in hopes of a better, more meaningful life, it all starts with healthy eating. 

One of the key ingredients to eating healthy is high-quality meat. In particular, lean meats. Lean meats are those that naturally come with a lot less fat, making them ideal for adding to your daily meal plan. 

Keep reading below to learn about different types of lean meats and why they are beneficial. 

1. Lean Meats can Build Muscle

If you’re looking to build muscle, then working out on a daily basis is required. And for your muscles to grow back bigger and stronger, you need to consume a lot of protein.

By eating fatty meats, you won’t be able to consume as much, as you’ll need to limit portion sizes. But with lean meats, you consume more protein on daily basis, allowing muscles to grow. 

2. Lose Weight

Lean meats have far fewer calories than fattier cuts of meat. So you can eat bigger portions of lean meat and still experience a loss of weight. 

With lean cuts of meat, it’s easy to keep meals within your calorie limit, eating enough to feel full without consuming too many calories. 

And with lean meats, you develop lean muscle mass, which helps to burn even more calories and lower weight. 

3. Lower Risk of Disease

Consumption of red meat, and in particular, fatty cuts of red meat, is linked with cardiovascular disease. By limiting the amount of fatty red meats you can consume and focusing more on lean cuts of meat, you can drastically reduce your risk of disease. 

Lean meats mean a happier, healthier heart. 

4. Boost Metabolism

One of the best ways to lose weight and enjoy higher levels of energy and athletic performance is by having a faster metabolism. Your metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy.

The faster it does this, the faster your body converts calories to energy, rather than storing calories as fat. 

Lean meats can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals necessary to speed up your metabolism. 

5. Live Longer

In countries where life expectancy is higher than the American average, the diet is one of the key differences. Many of these cultures eat an abundance of lean meats and limit fatty meats and sugars. 

This is essentially the ethos of the keto diet. You can learn more from this article on the keto diet

By adopting a similar way of eating, you too can build a diet that provides you with a long and healthy life. 

Eat Better, Live Better

Good nutrition is vital for a happy and healthy life. And one of the most important dieting tips you can adopt is the focus on lean meats instead of fatty ones.

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