Are you a fan of different types of footwear? Do you like collecting footwear to go with your outfits? Are you eager to building your own collection of boots and sandals? You’ve surely seen Owlkay and are eager to discover its collection however, are you skeptical of its authenticity? If so, then go through this article to answer your concerns.

In this article we’ve talked about our thoughts on the Owlkay Shoes Reviews, about which people across the globe including South Africa, Australia, the United States, and Canada are eager to know more.

What exactly is Owlkay?

Owlkay is an internet-based platform for e-commerce which sells a wide range of footwear for both women and men. The items include sneakers, sandals as well as boots, rhinestones running and hiking shoes, and more. They also sell socks in various styles, including wool, towel compression, transparent, and towel socks.

Specifications Specifications

  • Website Type Website Type An online store that sells socks and shoes of various styles for women and men.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address:RM1402 14/F Building D Wanda Plaza, Hongxing Road, District – Gongshu, China (Apropos Is Owlkay Shoes Legit The address is linked to a variety of E-commerce sites on the Internet).
  • Contact Number:(86)1330 810 786 (This contact number is found in the Contact page on other websites).
  • E-mail
  • Sort By and Filter ByAvailable
  • Shipping PolicyStandard shipping takes 7-20 days and 10-25 business days in and outside of the US in the USA, in both cases. Free shipping is provided for purchases of more than $59 under which the delivery fee is $5.99.
  • The Return and Refund Policy is HTML0.Customers must return their items within 60 days after purchase. They will receive their refunds within 7 days after receiving the item.
  • Social Media Connection –Present (This is a crucial aspect to consider when reviewing this review). Owlkay Shoes Reviews).
  • Terms and conditions for PrivacyMentioned
  • Payment Methods:PayPal and debit or credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover.
  • Prices of the Products —Mentioned by USD.


  • The designers have made an explicit size guideline for shoes.
  • The website offers a vast range of colors and styles.


  • The section on Terms and Conditions refers to the name of another company. It suggests the developers could have copied the policies’ wordings.
  • The contact information and phone number are linked to other websites that are deemed to be fraudulent.
  • Customers may be hesitant to trust this site since it’s relatively new.

Is Owlkay Shoes Legit

The following information is that we have gathered from our research on the website. These details can help you assess the legitimacy of this site and also answer the query.

  • Website Age Website Age The website has been operating for 10 months since its date of creation is 28 November 2020.
  • website trust Score –5 percent This falls into that category called a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Index at Alexa –781,006 This isn’t an impressive ranking.
  • Social Media Connection –The website is connected via its social media pages which are available on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. This may affect your views regarding Owlkay Shoes Reviews. Owlkay Shoes Reviews.
  • Customer Reviews Reviews of Customers Mixed customer reviews can be found on the site.
  • Credibility of Contact Details Contact Details that are GenuineThe physical address along with the phone number listed on the website is also available on contact page of other suspicious websites that are available on the Web.
  • Originality of Content –Another business name has been listed within the terms and conditions page. Therefore, it is possible that the designers have copied the words of the policy from the source.

Based on the information above this website appears suspicious. We are unable to discuss its legality since it’s relatively new.

Owlkay Shoes Reviews

We have not found any reviews of customers on this site on the most popular review forums like Quora, Reddit, or Amazon. The website has just been established, and users might be concerned about the security risks that these new websites could result in. So, it is beneficial to know the steps to receive Refunds on Paypal in the event of a scam Be alert. But, numerous buyers have bought its products and have reviewed them on its site. These reviews are mostly favorable but there are some real opinions on fitting issues.


Based on the information we have gathered regarding this website, we have found that based upon our researched information regarding Owlkay Shoes Reviews We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of this website since it’s brand fresh. Also, make sure to take a look at the steps to get an All-Refund for credit card scams to be safe. It is possible to look at different styles of shoeswith their photos.