When you think of Onigiri, the first thing that comes to mind is a rice ball. But that’s not what Onigiri metaverse stands for. The game used to be related to words like Demon Cutter or Demon Slayer. It is like a new and remodeled world where all the nostalgic moments of the old game version and ancient Japanese culture meet. They form a splash of the past that unites the modern blockchain technology with Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

What is Onigiri Metaverse?

The Onigiri Metaverse was first created by the company CyberStep and released on the PC platform in Japan in 2013. The game features anime-style art and includes traditional and modern Japanese cultural elements. It has been complimented for its unique gameplay, graphics, and storyline compared to other popular anime series. 

In essence, Onigiri is a Japanese MMORPG set in a fictional world like Japan. Onigiri grew popular over the years and had its anime series. After a period of stagnation, CyberSpace shocked the massive fanbase of five million worldwide by announcing Oniigiri’s journey into the metaverse. The company collaborates with renowned blockchain gaming and entertainment company Catheon Gaming. 

Catheon brings the beloved games into Web3, providing a new experience for fans worldwide. Hence Onigiri world travels onto the blockchain, and the beta version will be released by the end of the first quarter of 2023. So, what has changed? On the blockchain, Onigiri metaverse is a free-to-play MMO Action-RPG game. The game will feature a fast-paced and exciting action. Players can have PVE battles and choose from more than 100 characters to play with. 

As in any blockchain game, there will be an element of NFTs where the collection will have uniquely designed characters with various traits. Each character will have unique utility within the game and, as time progresses, grow in strength and affection fighting alongside the NFT holder. 

The NFT ownership allows players to own all the in-game assets and earn money by trading, selling, and buying these assets on NFT marketplaces. In addition to this play-to-earn concept, these NFTs can be used to enter tournaments with prize pools worth thousands of dollars. 

What is the Story Behind Onigiri Metaverse?

The story behind Onigiri metaverse is set in a fantasy land resembling ancient Japan. The world was shaken by chaos, as in a history book filled with sacred spirits and dark demons. 

From the darkness rises the terrible and powerful being, Kamikui, leaving a path of destruction through the Oni world. Oni is home to mythical demons in human form. For centuries the terrible being Kamikui caused havoc for people and gods. 

That is until the goddess of the Sun placed three great seals and chased the Kamigui darkness away. So the goddess restored the peace within the land. But as time passed on, one of the seals was broken, and the shadow lurked again. 

As fate brings together a young woman and child of Oni, the journey of combat and destiny begins. Oni forms an army of female warriors with unique skills, abilities, and personalities. They partner with Jin and go on a journey to strengthen their bonds, save the world, and chase the demonic darkness away forever. 

The ONIGIRI Metaverse is an Exciting Place and Rewarding Experience

Since its release, Onigiri has been the leading Japanese MMORPG and has captured the attention of five million fans worldwide. The charm of Onigiri comes from the story and unique Japanese flair that never ceases to amaze. 

Even before the announcement that the old version was shutting down, the Youtubers who had never played the game were wondering why the game developer chose such a drastic step. According to them, the game has a thrilling world and characters that were immersive from the start. 

As per the developer, the CyberStep announced that the full working version of Onigiri metaverse and P2E integration will be ready in the second quarter of 2023. The fans will be happy to hear that the franchise is joining the NFT market. The first NFT drop is scheduled for July 3, 2022, with a total supply of 3000 NFTs. 

The upcoming blockchain reboot of Japanese MMORPG Onigiri currently has more than 3K members on Discord and Twitter followers surpassing 4600. CyberStep and Catheon team mentioned that the Onigiri is transcending into the new age and Web3. They hope that the decade-old franchise will now provide users with an exciting and rewarding experience. So join the other players and set on a journey through Onigiriverse!