After a long day, most of you like to relax on the couch and stare blankly at the ceiling, reflecting on your life choices.

Trust me; you’ll feel more optimistic for the next day when the ceiling has a modern appearance.

But if you feel overwhelmed with the vast choices of designs available in the market, don’t worry; this guide will help you choose the perfect one.

  1. Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings were popular during the neolithic era in Crete. Nowadays, you’ll find these in Gothic cathedrals and the Pantheon in Rome. Barrel, rib, fan, and groin are other different vault styles.

A vaulted ceiling creates a volume of space overhead by extending upward from the walls in the middle area. They are also famous for cathedral ceilings to mirror the roof structure.

Pair it with any kind of look, be it modern, rustic, or industrial, and it looks gorgeous. So if you’re still uncertain about vaulted ceilings, let’s check the benefits!

● You can include multiple windows in vaulted ceilings, so your space will get more natural light.

● Include timber elements, artwork, or a skylight with the vaulted ceilings, and paint the space with vibrant colors, and you can easily make your room visually appealing.

● A well-executed vaulted ceiling helps create an escape route for hot air. So you can enjoy cold breezes in the summer and warmth in winter. The design also improves the air quality and diminishes odor generation issues.

● The rustic look will always leave your guests in awe.
Based on the advantages, this design suits your drawing or open kitchen room the best.

  1. False ceilings

A false ceiling is an artificial roof fitted below the original top. People generally add false ceilings for a chic appearance in the modern era.

POP false ceilings, Gypsum false ceilings, Wooden false ceilings, PVC false ceilings, and Metal false ceilings are some easily available false ceilings in the market.

Let’s dig deeper if you’re unsure whether it’ll suit the aesthetical vibe of your interior design,

● The design hides the electric wiring, pipes, and ductwork and gives a finished appearance to your home.

● It has satisfactory sound absorption power.

● False ceilings have the best thermal insulation that maintains temperature differences between the outside and the inside.

● It enhances the brightness of natural light and reduces the electricity bill.

● The installation process is relatively easy.

● It improves the efficiency of room air conditioning.

  1. Tray ceiling

Tray ceiling, aka recessed ceiling, generally looks like a large upside-down tray. The middle part of the design is slightly higher than the parameter. This kind of ceiling highlights a specific part of the room. So, let’s see how it caters to your needs.

● It gives a unique visual vibe and adds a sense of luxury and elegance.

● It creates a spacious illusion.

● You can experiment with different lighting with these ceilings.

  1. Beamed ceiling

A beamed ceiling showcases joists and beams. Timber beams are popular, but other materials are also available. These ceilings might be finished with wood stain, paint, etc. Two famous types of beam ceilings are Hammer beam ceilings and boxed beam ceilings.

So, let’s know why you must choose beamed ceilings.

● You can give a personal touch to your room ceiling.

● It is suitable for any type of design.

● There is a chance that you will get a high resale value.

  1. Coffered ceiling

This type of ceiling has extremely classic architectural detailing with a series of rectangular, square, or octagon grids in three sunken dimension panels. But again, if you’re torn between many options, let’s know its attributes here.

● It gives an illusion of a higher ceiling.

● It absorbs sounds and eliminates echoes.

● It eliminates the chance of overhearing sounds in other rooms.

● A report showed that a coffered ceiling could increase your home’s value significantly.

Furthermore, add a finishing touch with Ceiling Roses to enhance the room’s overall look.

Over to you…

You probably have a better idea about modern ceiling designs now. But it’s always better to consult an expert before randomly picking one from the list!