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Baseball jerseys are worn in sports to distinguish the wearer’s character. Most shapes that help identify a player usually have a name and a number. Shoes, shirts, socks, hats, pants and gloves are part of the baseball uniform.

But how did the baseball uniform come about?

Baseball uniforms were introduced in 1849 by the New York Knicks. His trousers are made of wool. He was wearing white flannel shirts and straw hats. He quickly took root in uniforms and in 1900 he was worn by all major league baseball teams.

Until then, the uniform also wore socks that covered the athlete from foot to knee. Different colors and designs were used to show the difference between the team members. By the end of the century, each team will wear two different uniforms to separate the home team from the road team. White clothes were popular at home, and the streets were black, dark blue, or gray.

From here the shape began to grow. Groups have begun to make their shapes more unique by adding pink lines or radically changing their colors. Some began to draw lines, and the number of spectators at the stadium increased over the years to see the real difference. Although some people say that baseball legend Baby Ruth added nails to her New York Yankees uniform to make her look slimmer, this is a myth because the team wore the same nails a few years before she joined them.

The first collection of uniforms was made by the Cleveland Indians in 1916. He was caught in a left-handed shirt and by the time he reached the back of the number uniform by 1929. By 1932 all major league baseball teams were present. By 1952, the Brooklyn Dodgers were leading the way.

Logos have been used to identify groups from the beginning. Apparently it was an old English letter worn on the chest. Image logos soon became a popular site for group marketing. In the 1930’s, almost every group had its own logo or household nickname.

Today most uniforms play new ideas in the old traditional style of baseball uniforms. Baseball and its shape is a big part of American history, and the traditional style is a great part of the legacy of baseball.