Yes, it is summer party season, and those legs need to go bare, and the strappy dresses come out of the closet. But, you want to walk into a room looking sun-kissed instead of a pastry. With a professional airbrush tan at Austin’s premier tanning salon Parlor Beauty Bar, you can. The best part is you can choose different tanning solutions, and with the proper pre and post-care, your tan can last more than a week of partying. Here is how you can keep that tan looking good.

Before You Start Exfoliate

A day before you go for your airbrush, spray tan and remove all the dead skin cells using an exfoliating cream with a mitt. Doing this allows the tanning lotion to absorb into the skin, making the process smoother to prolonging your tan.

Instead of Shaving Wax

Another rule for self-tanning is to remove all the hair. As shaving irritates the skin and leaves your golden tan dull. You can wax for 24 hours before heading to the salon for your tan. The best part is you will not need to use your razor for a few weeks, and it lengthens the spray tans lifespan.

Take Short Showers Using Gentle Products

Taking a long warm bath or shower dries out your skin. Hence, it can result in tan flaking. Instead, we recommend a quick shower bypassing those long swims in a chlorinated pool or salty water. Preventing these places will prolong the color of your tan. The same applies to gentle soaps, as harsh ones also dry out the skin-stripping of your tan. Instead, use a soft moisturizing balm to protect your tanned skin to keep the golden glow.

Avoid Steam and Sauna Rooms

Even perspiration can result in your airbrush spray tan fading off, giving it a patchy look instead of a seamless glow. So, avoid the sauna or steam room as it makes you sweat.

Keep the Skin Moisturized

Keep your skin moisturized every day using an oil-free product to lock that gorgeous tan in. Your spray tan will last longer for more than a week. Also, once the color starts to fade, you can use a gradual tanning lotion similar to a body moisturizer. It will help deepen the glow for some added days. The great thing about using one is that you do not have to wash it off like a fake tan.

Wrapping Things Up

As expert beauty therapists, we know a few things to keep that airbrush spray tan looking good for a while. With the tips after visiting us, you can stay tanned all summer to have a luscious glow making you look healthy without even getting into the sun. Want a sun-kissed tan? Then visit Austin’s premium tanning salon today.